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Thread: Mattel wants to know your top 3 questions for Design about MOTUC Castle Grayskull

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    1) Can you please fix the jawbridge hinge so that it is part of the base (flush), lowering the jawbridge to rest on the ground when open? Making so it is not sitting an inch above the ground like it is now in the Horsemens Sculpt? Doing this will give the Entrance the extra headroom for any MOTUC character to easily pass thru the doorway? Also the jawbridge door would need to be lengthened to accomodate this, but should be easy to do.

    2) can you get rid of the hole to park the widraider? It just looks foolish parking it inside the castle and as big as the windraider is will take up way too much room.

    3) Can the trap door be aligned to drop figures into the dungeon?

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    1 can you make the doorway larger to give figures more headroom. you can lower the jawbridge to floor level and remove or 'scoop' out the base in the door area

    2 will the interior have details and paintwork. it would look cheap if it does not. you could even have some filmation influence?

    3. can you spend the money on more fan demanded items like the monster dungeon base than less demanded things like the wind raider garage floor and the handle which i guess would not work as a handle.I also dont think the jetjack adds much value to the set. if you used it or a child were to use it they would drop the castle and break it

    the general sculpt and look of the outside is fantasic

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    1. Can we get more headroom / clearance at the jaw bridge?
    2. Can we lose the wind raider stand? I mean it came with a great one, so why waste it and waste money for something we essentially have.
    3. Can we get an actual robot / armor figure at some point? Perhaps in a CG - centric super accessory pack?

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    Will the hinge allow for the two halves to be taken apart?

    Can you remove the base piece of the Castle thus allowing for more head room for the drawbridge/door and potentially the floors themselves.

    Will the floors have enough figure headroom? Roboto looked hunched over to fit in at NYTF.
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    Mine's the same as below

    Quote Originally Posted by Barezz View Post
    #1: Can the doorway be made bigger so that figures can easily fit through the doorway? I am talking about proper clearance. The b-sheet and cardborad mockup in which was based the preorders from gave the impression that He-man sitting on battle Cat could clear the opening. While I can live with a reduction in that size, the doorway should still be properly large enough to allow MOTUC figures to be posed there and pass through.

    #2: Will the interior receive full, proper sculpting and detailing?

    #3: Would Mattel consider accessories being kept at a minimum in order to make the best possible Castle? Accessories could be sold later, but we cannot go back and add a proper dungeon that you can actually see who is being held inside, or sculpted interior walls or floors, or a doorway that He-Man can actually fit through later. The Castle itself is the basic foundation, it should be the priority.

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    1.- Can you lower the drawbridge into the base to that there's more room on the entrance?

    2.- Can you either delete the steps from the floor above the computer or move the whole floor higher?

    3.- Can you have an add-on floor section for the throne area, to make it bigger when opened?
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    Can we do without the Wind Raider attachment?

    Can we have a jawbridge that both opens flat on the floor and allows figure clearance?

    Is the tower designed for a future Point Dread?
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    With this castle costing me nearly £300,
    1) Could it be made the same size as the foam mock up?
    2) Could you please remove the wind raider slot?
    3) Will the inside walls be sculpted instead of the bland flat ones?
    Thank you!

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    1. In place of the useless Wind Raider stand, is it possible to have, in the same position, the sculpted grate shown on MTV Geek?

    2. Is it possible to have the floor under the throne larger than now, so Sorceress, or other AF, won't stay with dangling legs?

    3. Is it possible to increase the general SIZE of the castle grayskull to fix the ENTRANCE problem ( he-man's head is touching the teeth of the jawbridge and teela couldnt stand up at the doorstep) and the PRISON issue ( we only can see the chest of a character inside )?

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    1) Jawbridge Height. Can the jawbridge be fixed/lowered so that it is part of the base, not sitting up like it is now. This will greatly help the head room issue!

    2) The Headroom height inside the castle of The Floors seems a lot lower then it should be. Can this be fixed/raised

    3) Why doesnt the trap door lead to the dungeon?! That seems like it should have been the only option lol

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    Can you lower the Jawbridge?

    Can you put slots or maybe a removable back on the throne so winged and caped figures can fit?

    Can you put the trap door over the cell? It doesnt make much sense to drop them at the exit lol

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    My questions for the Mattel design team....

    1. Will you remake all the MOTU Classics figs in 3 3/4 size so that they can fit inside the Castle?

    2. Can you retool the throne to ensure that the Wind Raider can park there, or is it too late?

    3. Will Castle Grayskull actually Hover?

    Thanks! My real questions have already been asked. These were just for fun and make about as much sense as some of the choices shown to us at TF

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    1) Can the jawbridge be lowered so that it is at the ground level and so that He-Man can properly fit through the door?

    2) Will the even Wind-Raider properly fit in the castle and is the stand necessary?

    3) Does the trap door work and will its victims fall into the dungeon?

    Edit: ...and thank you Mattel for this opportunity to ask our questions.
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    1) Is their any chance of the Windraider stand being removed as most people seem to find it pointless
    2) Will the Sorceress be able to fit in her thrown with her wings?
    3) Could the entrance be made slightly bigger please


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    1. Can the interior walls of the castle be sculpted? They currently look very plain.

    2. Can the jaw-bridge be lowered slightly to allow the design to be slightly longer, allowing taller figures to fit through.

    3. Can we have certain items such as the extra weapons and jetpack released in a separate weapons pack to allow for the dungeon base to be included? Learning that this wouldn't be included was pretty annoying.

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    1. Jawbridge - bigger?

    2. Wind Raider stand - get rid of it?

    3. Verify now exactly what will be in the box, and if we can expect an expansion pack - don't tease it, be up font.

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    1. (as many people have asked) can you lower the jaw bridge into the base of the castle and make the door longer to give more head room?

    2. It looks like the reason the base floor cannot sit flush with the floor is because of the Wind Raider stand. As this has been a unpopular addition and place for the stand can you remove that piece and lower the ground level to be flush with the floor? That way you can more easily lower the Jaw Bridge to be flush with floor leaving more head room and cut out an item that would need to be tooled.

    3) Will you be making actual interior walls instead of using the negative of the exterior walls?

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    I'm going to ask:

    1. Can something be done to make sure that He-man can actually step through the door of Castle Grayskull

    2. Can the throne area be modified to ensure that a character such as the Sorceress can actually fit on the throne and have plenty of leg room.

    3. Can the dungeon be fixed? As it stands, it isn't even situated below the trapdoor.
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    1.) Will you guys please take the time to make the entrance bigger?
    2.) I am willing to sacrifice some of the useless items in the castle to make it wider, is this an option?
    3.) The throne is nice would you be will to sale them seprartely as they would make great display pieces for with the King and Queen even tho they can't sit in them?

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    Thank you for offering us a voice in this. PLEASE Convince us to keep our Castles!

    1) When we were being "sold" on this item, we were shown that the Castle would have much more room, ie. increased height between floors, the ramparts came up higher (see attached pictures), and the draw bridge had plenty of space for figures to clear (including mounted on Battlecat).
    Can you cut most (or all) accessories, or at least items like the Windraider stand and other small items that us paying fans/customers have loudly decreed as a majority, that we do not really care so much for, (perhaps offer them later as add-ons along with other castle accessories. Expansions and accessories like the weapons rack, the monsters grate, other rooms, Point Dread, etc. are a great idea for later items!) and use the money for increasing the overall size and height of the castle? (to be more consistent with what we were originally sold on?) Yes... size IS an issue.
    The Drawbridge, the Ramparts/Parpets, and the Floor Spacing are all in need of being more like what we were originally shown. That is what we were buying. This is a beautiful-one-time-deal-dream-come-true! Is there some way to get what we pre-ordered?

    Inside floor height is too low for figures to fully stand up. No head space
    Attachment 82808

    Figures standing on the top floor are almost fully exposed (ankle high parpets) and are ready to fall. While the foam model shows perfectly protected behind castle walls
    Attachment 82809

    2) Will we be able to sit our winged or caped characters on the throne without modifications (or can we be offered Sorceress again so that we can have one modded for the throne and one for other standing display)?

    3) Can the issue with the trap door not being positioned correctly and the cell walls hiding too much of the prisoner be corrected?
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    - will this fit in or on an Ikea Detolf case? (closed or detatched)
    - if sales turn out awesome, will Snake Mountain become a posibility?
    - does Castle Grayskull Man's swords fit it the powersword mount?

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    1. Why is the rocky base underneath the castle so thick; wouldn't it make the castle appear larger if its thickness was slightly reduced and the first and second floors slightly elongated?

    2. If it's possible at this stage of development to make the open jaw bridge flush with the interior castle floor, why not do that?

    3. Why did you decide to place the trap door in the center of the floor, instead of in the corner above the jail cell?

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    1. Can we omit ALL the accessories in favour of getting a full-size castle? The main issue with collectors is the insufficient size. Surely we can sacrifice the accessories to get a bigger castle, then just release the accessories in a future add-on pack?? ... that way, fans get the castle they want, and Mattel make more money from the add-on pack ... win win.

    2. To re-iterate what others have already asked, Is it possible to lower the jaw bridge so it is inset into the base for more head room?

    3. Will the castle interior walls be stone textured like the outside? The plain walls look a bit out of place and unfinished.

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    1. I know it's not as likely as other requests, but would no accessories allow for more rooms/walls?

    2. Would it be possible to have the Defendor suit articulated and be more like an exclusive figure?

    3. I would also like the trap door above the dungeon if possible. Thanks!

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    1) Can you make the castle larger. This is a one time deal and we have been waiting 30 years for this dream to come true. Please make it as large as you said you would.

    2) Can you please get rid of the wind raider stand and use that money somewhere else?

    3) Can you please please please do something with the inside walls?Like I said before I have been waiting 30 years for this castle. Please for just once let a big corporation make the consumer happy and go all out. Please make this epic. Set an example for all other toy makers out there that Mattel sets the bar!

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