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Thread: Mattel wants to know your top 3 questions for Design about MOTUC Castle Grayskull

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    1. How will the courtyard floor base work with folding the castle together?

    2. Is there any answer to how Scareglow's Castle Key will work with this playset?

    3. Is the flag on Grayskull able to turn on the poll in order to show the different flag designs?

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    1) Drawbridge and Interior height, will the figures fit in there nicely?
    2) What all accessories will be included?
    3) Will it be able to close up like the vintage one and be used as a carrying case?
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    1) Will the castle be scaled up a little? It looks a little small.
    2) will there be a door for Scareglow's key?
    3) Will you include an orb?
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    I'm sure I'm just echoing what a lot of others have asked, but here goes nothing. I don't have any major issues with the castle, but since you asked, here are some minor quibbles:

    1. I like the overall size of the castle just fine, but would it be possible to get some more clearance in the doorway? As long as it does not harm the sculpt/design, I'd like to see the entrance be a bit larger. I'm sure others here have had suggestions on how to accomplish this.

    2. Could the Wind Raider hole be dropped altogether? It seems to be one of the reasons that the bottom floor is raised up, causing some head clearance issues. Get rid of the hole and lower the floor, and it will look better, IMO. Since the Wind Raider already comes with a stand, this hole seems redundant.

    3. Will Skeletor's sword fit into the sword holder, or just He-Man and She-Ra's sword? Although I have a She-Ra figure (both of them, actually), I'd rather put Skeletor's sword there. What would be even better is the sword holder from the movie (the one with the lights that Skeletor plugged it into at the end of the movie) popping up somewhere down the line...

    Again, I'm very happy with what was shown, but if I could change anything, it would be the above. Thanks for your consideration of all of these questions.

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    1. Could we please get some sculpting on the interior? I'd be happy even having negative space from the exterior stone, like in the 80's castle. It's not very organic looking and has a dollhouse drywall look to the interior. It's really unpleasant and reminds me of a military base.

    2. Can the floors be changed? The floors are straight-across and not organic looking. In the 80's toy, this was solved by making the edges curvy. I think that would go a long way.

    3. Can we get some weathering inside? Overall weathering of the interior would be really helpful. The castle is shouldn't look like an aircraft carrier on the inside with all new sharp edges.
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    1) I thought originally that He-Man mounted on Battle Cat would be able to fit through the entrance to Castle Grayskull. At this point, it doesn't look like that's possible. Can it be possible?

    2)I'm all for getting rid of the Windraider stand, but instead.... would the WR be able to be mounted somewhere else?

    3)Can the side ledge be bigger so a Classics figure can actually stand on it without ticky tack stuff?
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    Here are my questions...

    1. If any resculpting or modifications to the existing sculpt is not an option, would you consider scaling it up by at least 7%? It was noted that the Jawbridge entrance is currently 7" tall with the Jawbridge open. When measuring my figures, I noticed that most of them are about 7.125" to 7.25" tall, due to sculpted helmets, hair, or head details. If the Jawbridge entrance, and floor clearances, could be made just half an inch bigger, it would put a majority of fans' concerns at ease. Head clearance for the figures is really one of the main issues that customers have with this castle.

    2. If Castle Grayskull sales are an overwhelming success, can additional diorama pieces be offered as a separate sub in the same manner that Club Filmation came from the 2013 sub sales? The dungeon grate, that was scrapped due to painting/deco costs, would be a perfect candidate for this. Other small items that would enhance the playset are Filmation-inspired accessories like the Sorceress' throne (Designed for the MOTUC Sorceress figure to sit in), Dimensional mirror/portals, the portal to Etheria doorway, the "Walkway of the Eldors" columns found in the throne room, or the Guardian of Castle Grayskull bust.

    Perhaps all the diorama pieces can be combined to form a complete throne room display for the courtyard area, replacing the Wind Raider display base. Those who don't want to park the Wind Raider inside the castle can instead have something like this:

    3. Is a Point Dread/Talon Fighter add-on still a possibility? If so, will it be handled as a pre-order, like the castle, or an out-of-sub item that's already greenlit?

    Thanks for taking our questions!
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    1. What is going to be done about head clearance issues at the entrance/jawbridge (He-Man can barely fit through the front door, let alone atop Battlecat or anyone taller) and throught the interior (figures' heads nearly scrape the ceiling of each floor)? This is the castle's biggest disappointment and many fans would be willing to scrap all interior accessories (to be included in a later castle expansion pack) for increased overall size of the current castle and each level.

    2. How is the Sorceress supposed to sit upon the throne?

    3. Will final interior walls be sculpted?

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    1. Will the throne have a space between the seat and back for the Sorceress' wings to slide in so she could sit?
    2. Will the windows be at waist level for action figures to peer out of?
    3. Is the stand for the Wind Raider able to attach to the top of the castle?

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    1. Can you guys please fix the head clearance issue for the figures (ESPECIALLY the drawbridge) so that there could be at least an inch between the figure's head and the ceiling?
    2. If something needs to be cut/sacrificed for cost or to address the size issue can it be primarily the Wind Raider display section/floor piece?
    3. Could you add some brick design or other texture for the walls instead of having them smooth?

    Thanks for listening to us!
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    1) The front entrance is way too small. Can either the door or base be adjusted so that when lowered the door is level to the ground?

    2) Can the overall size of the castle be increased by 10%? Adding three floors to each side really compresses the interior.

    3) I agree with most that the wind raider attachment in the interior is a little odd. Can we just have a detailed floor extension that would allow us to attach potential add-ons for the castle later (ie, the dungeon grate)?

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    Can we get a plug for the floor

    Can we get hero's grave

    Can we get a portal

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    1. Drawbridge is a huge concern, even before the castle was announced fans wanted the ability to have He-man on Battle Cat on the Drawbridge, is it possible to lower the bridge to make that happen? And I too would be willing to get less accessories for a bigger castle, knowing those accessories will be available down the line.

    2. I own two wonderful Wind Raiders, but find it awkward being inside the castle, especially when I have no room at the moment to display the castle open. Is it possible to give the two towers options? Example: Wind Raider or Gun Turret, Flag or Talon Fighter we decide how display it.

    3. Are plans for expansion already made, some things shown may not make it in the final product and that is okay, I know you guys will get them to us eventually, but is there room for expansion beyond what has been shown. An additional attachable wall, with more rooms, like the hall of He-man or the gate room , etc.

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    1) Can the eyes be sculpted to look more stern
    2) Can the trap door be placed over the dungeon cell
    3) Can the wind raider piece be removed to add something else such as the sculpted dungeon monsters or the torture rack
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    1: Can the base/WR stand be removed? So the first level has more space, and the drawbridge will be be more like the vintage castle.

    2: Will the throne work with The Sorceress? She is the only one who should be sitting in the throne, seeing as it's her castle.

    3: Can the prison be in creased in size? The door is to small for the figures and the trap door does not match up with it.
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    #1 The outdoor ledge, is design confident enough that a standard figure will stand on it without falling off as the merman figure at NYTF has blue tac under his feet?

    #2 Can we have the dungeon included as an accessory and do away with the wind raider stand, jet pack and even orb holder?

    #3 Can we have a portal (to other dimensions) either sticker or set into the wall behind the sorceress thrown chair?
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    1: Can you please solve the issue of headspace for the figures in the castle and the doorway. The ceilings seem too low for the height of the figures.
    2: If you scrap the Wind Raider parking spot can we get the Dungeon Grate?
    3: Can you make the trapdoor drop the figures in to the dungeon instead of the entrance of the castle?
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    1. Is it possible to bring out the dungeon gate, sculpted by the FH, which is much prefered over the sticker and in favour of the Wind Raider parking lot, which nobody seems to want?

    2. Is it possible to ad real chains to the side of the jaw bridge and lower the jaw bridge to let a 6" figure stand in it or even better He-Man riding BC?

    3. Can we get the dimensional portal or "mirror" for the Sorceress?
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    1- can you please do the walls also inside the Castle?
    2-can you adjust the jaw-bridge, down to the base, for adding more head room. Also because, like this it seems to be a door, not a bridge...
    3-could you please take away the hole for the wind raider, and do an articulated space-armor? or maybe an armour that can fit on a normal motuc figure? (something similar to Vykron maybe)

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    Echoing other questions, but to add to the weight of popular opinion:

    1) The reduction in size of the castle and the decision to mount the jawbridge above ground level have combined to make the finished product look cramped. Can you please do something to address this, particularly the clearance of the open jawbridge? Perhaps allowing the jawbridge to open at ground level and not where it is would work. As others have said, the size and sculpt of the actual castle should be the priority here.... all the other accessories (the windraider stand, the jetpack, the space armour) are all secondary items that could feasibly be sold separately. This is our only chance to get the castle right.

    2) Can we see deco on the interior of the castle? I'd like to see stonework on the walls and flagstones on the floor, not simply naked plastic.

    3) Is there a way to ensure that characters with capes or other non-removal items on their backs (such as the Sorceress) can sit on the throne?

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    1) Can you please cut the Wind Raider base and lower the floor, to get more head clearance overall?

    2) Can you please add textures to all the interior areas? The window frames are textured and sculpted inside and outside, which is awesome. You customers would be very happy if the walls had such a fine sculpted texture as well, including the interior of the orb chamber.

    3) Can you please add pegholes in various places of the castle and a slit in the throne to allow caped actionfigures (like King Grayskull) to sit on the throne?
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    1. Where do the jewels to Castle Grayskull's eyes get stashed?
    2. Where does that plummer CGM sleep?
    3. Where's the other 2 walls???

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    From least to most important:

    3. Interior walls: if they are going to be smooth, can you leave them out? It would look better to simply have the reverse side of the exterior than perfectly smooth walls in a castle that is otherwise weathered. It would also open up some space.

    2. Can you please ditch the Wind Raider stand and the hole in the floor? If anything needs to be cut, this is the number one item. The voice seems near unanimous that it is something the fans neither asked for or wanted as it is. Attaching the Raider on the outside to loo as though it was flying was an attractive feature; a completely redundant stand to stick it in the middle of the castle is not. As was pointed out in a previous post, if you have the raider, you have a stand that can go anywhere in the castle you want it to. This piece has all the appearances of someone's personal darling they are simply not willing to part with; it's definitely not something the fans are fond of.

    1. Can you lower the jawbridge? This is one of the most important features of the castle, and the one thing in the whole piece that NEEDS to be in a proper scale to the figures. I was hoping that the apparent problem was a case of bad angles in the photos, but it deos seem the opening is too short, mainly because of the added height of the floor to accomodate the flight stand no one wants. If it is impossible to re-do the floor at this point, at least hollow out the front so the hinge can be flush with the floor; I think that would be enough to allow the figures to fit more comfortably in the opening without looking like the castle is biting them on the head. It would also make the bridge more flush with the inner floor, which would look a whole lot better.
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    1 - can we get the jaw bridge lowered so it ends up being larger?
    2 - can we ditch some of the extra stuff (wind raider stand, inside items) to get back to originally shows size?
    3 - can the base be altered so the hinge can move 180 degrees so castle can be displayed flat against the wall?

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    Whats going to happen with the accesories that dont make it to the final production (like the dungeon)? Will they be offered separately?

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