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Thread: What kind of car do you drive and how do you feel about it and why?

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    What kind of car do you drive and how do you feel about it and why?

    Okay. Enough about toys, toys, toys all the time. Let's have a change of pace for a little while and talk cars, cars, cars. Specifically, what kind of car do you drive, how do you feel about it and why? What do you care most about -- horsepower, sex appeal, greart gas mileage or low carbon emissions and (please save from me it ) the evironmental/eco-friendly, geared-toward-saving-the-spotted-owl-and-future-generations-of-Mankind aspects?

    For those that don't drive, do you want to get a car someday or are you perfectly content walking, biking and taking public transportation? (I know if I lived in San Francisco I sure would be.) And if you do want to get a car, what kind of car? (And yeah, I'm ready for Maserati and Ferrari dreams, so have at it.)

    Whatever way -- driver, wanna-be or non-driver -- feel free to post pics of your present ride, dream ride or non-car mode of transportation. San Francisco street cars with you standing on them and waving to camera are eagerly anticipated.

    It's mid-winter. Let's have some fun, orgers!!!
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