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MOTU_Maniac, my father has a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Love it, until I have to fill it up. Yikes. But better ride than the Fit.
I have read a lot on the Jeep forums that my year (2006) and model of Jeep (Liberty 4x4 sport) have lots of problems. I love how it drives, especially in winter weather and up hills, but seems to have a lot of problems with window motors, etc.

I really shouldn't complain because it has saved us time and time again on the hill we live on. Other vehicles flip repeatedly (literally) going down our hill in snow and ice and we just safely drive on by with no problems

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I recently purchased a 2013 Acura ILX and LOVE it. I really dig the look of it (I like business looking cars with some style) and all the bells & whistles that came with the technology package. Plus, so far, it's been getting excellent gas milage (averaging around 28-30mpg currently).

Nice ride Shadow