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  • Modulok

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Thread: Choose Just ONE Vintage Toy Evil Horde to Get the MOTUC Spotlight!

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    Choose Just ONE Vintage Toy Evil Horde to Get the MOTUC Spotlight!

    As with the other polls, this one is to see which of the remaining vintage toy Horde members is the most highly sought after.

    Entrapta will be considered "POP" if/when she is released, so she is omitted here.

    ALSO, I am removing the HORDE TROOPER since he is an army builder and will likely get more than 50% of the votes; everyone needs the Horde Troopers.

    That being said, there are only THREE that fit the list for this particular poll:

    *Multi Bot

    Which one is the most demanded?
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    Dragstor, for sure.
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    Modulok, of course.

    Although I see him like more of an independent villain "currently in association with the Horde", than a "proper" Horde member like Dragstor.

    My list would be:

    1. Modulok
    2. Dragstor
    3. Multi-Bot
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    Make mine MODULOK!!!

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    Dragstor-with a free-spinning wheel in his chest and a whip modeled after his ripcord!
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    The next most recognizable Horde Member for me...Modulok.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Uki View Post
    Dragstor-with a free-spinning wheel in his chest and a whip modeled after his ripcord!
    Exactly what this man says. Dragstor.
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    obvious answer is obvious.

    but where is the trooper choice

    anyway give me galen nycroft

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    If I gotta pick one, then Dragstor.
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