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Thread: G.I. Joe Micro Force FS - Updated Price!

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    G.I. Joe Micro Force FS - Updated Price!

    I've added Hasbro's G.I. Joe Micro Force to my collection, and in true blind bag fashion, I have extras. Before I resort to eBay, I thought I might give the marketplace here on the Org a chance.

    For those of you not familiar, the G.I. Joe Micro Force figures are small (maybe 1-inch?) rubber-ish figures, kind of like Squinkies, but not quite so "super-deformed".

    MicroForce_1341085624.jpg Checklist_zpsfdba8c10.jpg

    I'm asking $2.00 each for the first figure and $1.75 for each additional figure, which includes 1st Class Mail in the US. For example, buy 1 figure & pay $2.00, buy 2 figures & pay $3.75, buy 3 figures & pay $5.50, etc.

    Figure (Number) Qty Available
    Roadblock (S1-02) 3
    Low-Light (S1-04) 2
    Beast Ninja Soldier (S1-05) 2
    Ghost Ninja Henchman (S1-06) 1
    Cobra Commander (S1-08) 1
    Snake Eyes (S1-09) 2
    Roadblock (S1-10) 3
    Leatherneck (S1-11) 1
    Shockblast (S1-12) 1
    Snake Master (S1-13) 1
    Red Ninja (S1-15) 2
    Snake Eyes (S1-17) 2
    Flint (S1-18) 1
    Ghostblade-Oni 2
    Snake Eyes (S1-25) 2
    Lady Jaye (S1-26) 5
    Hit N Run (S1-27) 1
    Barbecue (S1-28) 1
    Beast Ninja Commander 6
    Arashikage Samurai (S1-31) 1
    Cobra Trooper Spin N Smash (S1-32) 4
    Timber the Wolf (S1-33) 1
    Steel Brigade (S1-35) 1
    Nightclaw the Panther (S1-37) 2
    Dark Ninja Master (S1-38) 1
    Dark Ninja Brawler (S1-39) 1
    Cobra Infantry Viper (S1-40) 4
    Zartan (S1-42) 3
    Cobra Commander Z (S1-43) 3

    PM me if you're interested in any of these. You can see my feedback on eBay (seller name mjharwoodaz) and I've been building a satisfied customer base here on the Org, as well.

    Thanks for checking stuff out,

    - - - Updated - - -

    Dropped the price after looking at the costs!
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