Hello everyone,

I'm interested in a loose complete DC BAF Giganta, but there is no way I'm paying the prices I'm seeing on ebay for this figure. I have an embarassingly huge amount of Transformers (some vintage, lots of Classics/Generations), GI Joe (vintage ARAH and 25th), and lots of the more recent Star Wars/Marvel 3 3/4 scale figures from Hasbro, so I'm certain to have something that you want to trade for Giganta- also, I'm obviously looking for MOTU Classics for trade, and would love to trade the above stock for just about any Classics figures, and loose is always preferable but not required. My feedback on this site, and ebay, is spotless and I invite any and all PMs with trade inquiries. Lastly, I've got some DC and MOTU 200X stock that I'd love to trade, here on this site, already posted where appropriate, so please let me know if we can do business together. As always, thank you for your time.