I have a few things for trade or sale for things I need, all my haves are still in and have never been removed from mailer except first release Teela who is loose (she`s been in the extra/s box for 4 years) and comes with everything you see in the pic. Original colors Sorceress is my biggest want as of right now so she`s my first priority and the rest are listed in order of importance. I wouldn`t mind if I could get a loose complete or MOC Sorceress in original colors or both Stinkor and Kobra Kahn loose/complete for my loose Teela. I will only trade my MIB figs for MIB or MOC figures so if you might be interested in making a deal shoot me a pm, I do have way more marketplace feedback than what`s posted in my profile and the link to the thread is in my signature :hmgrin

Loose Original Teela (See Pic)
MISB King Grayskull
MISB Bow x2
MISB Grizzlor x2
MISB Preternia Disguised He Man x2
MISB Shadow Beast x2

Wants: loose/complete or MOC is fine
Sorceress (Original Colors)
Kobra Khan
Battleground Evil Lyn
TOD Sorceress
Sir Laserlot
Mighty Spector
Faceless One
Fisto pending

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