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Thread: Snake Mountain's Snake Deco - Green OR Stand Alone Dark Purple ?

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    Snake Mountain's Snake Deco - Green OR Stand Alone Dark Purple ?

    It was awesome to see the Snake mountain reveal in SDCC. However, the green deco on the snake makes its somewhat underwhelming ! The deco not even Filmation OR 200X based. Stand alone, dark purple scheme could have made SM more realistic & sinister looking. But the green colour deco makes it look more cheap, toy-ish look. However, since Mattel told us that they would listen to our concerns, I am putting up a poll here. There is plenty of time remaining for this to be made. So I guess they can do this change easily !

    So, Which Colour Of Snake You'ed Like To See In Snake Mountain ??
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    I voted Green because it creates a slight color variation and it gives off the idea that the rocky cover may crack and reveal the Eternian version of the J÷rmungandr: Serpos. It's not accurate to any source, but it makes the snake Pop...
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    I think the deco shown at SDCC is perfect!! Its a mix with the vintage playset and the cartoon so I love it as is

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    I LOVE the vintage playset, so I'm glad they decided to color the snake green. Keep it as is.
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    I think people nit pick the silliest things..

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    There are plenty of shots from the cartoon that show that the snake of Snake Mountain is green. What are we talking about here?
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    Well green. Wasnt the playset snake green? Give me Green.

    I believe that the snake was rock in the other media appearances which prompted this poll, but I didnt even know what they heck you could have been asking until I read the replies a bit.

    Of course the snake looks great green, though now I understand why you ask. However I think they made the correct choice, and you can always paint your snake yourself if you like. I am sure some people will. Closer to the original set detail. I totally approve and appreciate the MOTUC Mashup style and this is tops.

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    Interesting. Seems so far this is as lopsided a vote as the FILMation figures ones. I am in the minority - I agree with the OP - it makes it look way too much 'toy like' for my preferences - I would have much rather a more stylized snake in purple like 200x and at least dark green like FILMation had.

    I do find it interesting though as the previous poll going for a few years about Snake Mountain showed an extreme preference for the FILMation version and not the vintage toy, so I was a bit surprised they did it this way to begin with.

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    It was great to me as shown.
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    Greeeeeeeeen! I love it as-is.
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    GREEN, like the original toy and the Filmation cartoon.

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