We have a new chat feature.

Once you have logged in, you should see a chat bar across the bottom of your screen. This works very similar to the chat bar you see on Facebook. It's very easy to use. Please note the chat feature is currently not available for mobile devices.

The group Chatrooms are located to the left of the chat bar. Click on "Chatrooms" and join the "Main Chat" to talk with others in the Main Chat room. You should be able to create your own private chat rooms if needed. NOTE: we can monitor chat logs and will occasionally check for any inappropriate use which includes things like illegal adult content, file sharing, etc. SwiftWindx is the primary chatroom mod, but other mods may join at times. Please use the chat responsibly.

One-on-One chat can be initiated using the "Who's Online" near the right. Click on that and select a user to chat with. If they are online and want to chat, they might reply to a chat request.

You can also do things like play games during individual user chat sessions. There's a "Play a game" feature, as well as a few other options, across the top of an individual user chat window.

The chat shows users who have been online for the past 5 minutes. So keep in mind, anyone you contact may or may not be available.

The chat bar might not appear for you at first. If not, you need to do all of the following:
Log out of He-Man.Org
Go into your browser's history and delete all cache and any cookies related to He-Man.org. You must do this if the chat bar does not show.
Close your browser.
Restart your computer.
Open your browser and navigate to the He-Man.org forums.
Log in.
The chat bar should now appear, always stuck at the bottom of the screen so you do not have to scroll down to use it.

The old chat will be discontinued in a month or so while people adjust to this new chat.

If you have any questions, please post them here and I or another user who has used the chat will do our best to help.