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Thread: WTB MOTUC Parts [list below]

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    WTB MOTUC Parts [list below]

    I am looking to buy with $$$ or direct trade parts for parts for some MOTUC parts.

    I am looking for the following MOTUC Parts...

    x2 - Toys-R-Us Skeletor Yellow Powersword
    x1 - Bow's Bow
    x1 - Fisto's Armor
    x2 - [v1/Standard] Skeletor Loincloth

    I do have some parts for direct trading. PM me for pics, or to request if I have something.

    I have excellent here, in my thread[ signature], as well as feedback on the new marketplace, as well as on ebay if needed.

    If you do have any of these and are willing to sell if you don't want to trade, please drop me a reply or PM directly.

    Thanks Everyone.
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    PM sent...

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