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Thread: Loose vintage and commemorative figures and vehicles.

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    Loose vintage and commemorative figures and vehicles.

    More stuff! I'm interested in MOTUC figures more than anything, but if you want to trade for cash, that's cool too.

    If you have interest, please make it at least a $50 minimum for a few items. I'm not interested in making a million $2 deals.

    Here is a Faux-memorative Prince Adam (He's in RAD condition for a loose vintage, but he has been in this box for the last 12 years), and a couple boxed vehicles. The Spydor and the DESTRUCTOR LAZANDISCOS!!! Or Blasterhawk. but DESTRUCTOR LAZANDISCOS!!! sounds cooler. I didn't put Spydor back together because those legs are hard to get back in the box. He IS complete, I have pictures of the guns later.

    The boxes on these guys are pretty much thrashed.

    Loose stuff: Note that the Ninjor, Buzz-Off, Hordak, Webstor, Lazerbolt, and Land Shark I bought MOC and opened myself fairly recently. I have no proof of that, but they're un-played-with. One of Lazerbolt's eye decals came unglued and was lost to the sands of time. The Land Shark IS complete, I have a pic of the missing gun below. It got mixed with 200X stuff. The Terror Claws Skeletor is the variant with the red mouthed snapdragon weapon.

    Accessories. King Hiss' legs fell apart as I was handling for this picture

    This He-Man is a commemorative. Those are Spydor's guns, Terror Claws Skeletor's glove, and the Landshark cannon.

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