Okay guys I am getting close to putting my 80's toy room together and am starting to go through boxes of figures. I have went through and here are all the extra figures I have for sale. Most are in decent condition. Also have some Battle Cats, Panthor, and Stridors. Also have some comics, weapons and accessories. Also included are a TEELA, EVIL LYN and JITSU that I bought in the mid 90's. These 3 figues were obtained at a toy show and was told that they are test samples. I cannot find anything different on the Jitsu, but the Teela and Evil Lyn have the classic (burn plastic test holes) that they use to test the quality of the plastic before the figure is put out. I put up pictures to show what I am talking about.

I am asking for $130 for the lot PLUS shipping.

I will also consider offers on single figures. And also consider trade offers. Right now I am currently looking for Thundercats, MUSCLE MEN, M.A.S.K. and 80's GI JOE figures MINT LOOSE AND COMPLETE.

And now here are the pictures.

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