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Thread: Huge loose 200X collection. Figures, cats, playsets, exclusives!

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    Huge loose 200X collection. Figures, cats, playsets, exclusives!

    The following items have been SOLD:
    King Hsss (unaltered)
    Disco Skeletor
    Prince Adam
    Ram Man
    Beast Man
    Slime Pit Critter

    Hi, I have a bunch of 200X stuff that's just taking up room. I want MOTUC figures more than anything, but if you want to offer money, please make it a $50 minimum. I'm not interested in making a bunch of $2 deals.

    I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but some of these are just links rather than inline images. The board has a 10 image per post limit, and it merges double posts so I can't even cheat around it.

    I believe that these figures have all their accessories. I have them in a giant tub. If there's interest, I'll catalog it. If I know anything is missing or broken, I'll mention it.

    Boxed exclusives! They are all complete, but have been opened. One of the Teelas' shields is missing from this pic but it's included. Keldor's burning head was on a Spin Blade Skeletor, but it too will be included. And maybe the Skeletor too, because who's going to want him?

    Yo, you want a Battlestation? I have two. They're complete.

    Here's the rest of the Battlestation, as well as Not Quite Zoar and Not Exactly Screeech.

    Snake Pit!

    Rock 'em Sock 'em, one loose, one MIB! And a MOC Snake Crush Skeletor, who sucks. But he's MOC.

    He-Man and his 1001 variant friends!
    I am missing one Original He-Man sword, and the one I do have has been modified. I cut off the widest points, those little green pieces. One of He-Man's axes is broken off at the handle.
    Battle Sound, Snake Hunter (I think), Smash Blade, Iron Cross, Wolf Armor, Battle Armor, FakerSOLD, Ice Armor, Mega Punch, Samurai / Legacy Armor, Martial Arts, Stealth Attack

    Skeletor and not nearly as many variants!
    I don't know where my original Skeletor went. One Skeletor staff is broken at the head, and Fire Armor Skeletor's staff is similarly broken. I think I wanted to swap staff heads and never followed through.
    Samurai, Snake Armor, Battle Sounds, Fire Armor, Spin Blade (wearing Keldor's head but he has his own), a broken Snake Crush, DiscoSOLD, and Battle Armor.

    Deluxe He-Men and Skeletors and a Samurai MAA with their gear on. I know I have Samurai Skeletor's chest piece, I saw it MOMENTS before snapping this pic, but I couldn't find it again. Samurai MAA's chest piece has been gone for a decade, no idea where it ended up. Shame too, it was an awesome seashell.

    Villains and their repaint variants! Beast ManSOLD, Tri-Klops, Two-Bad, and Trap Jaw.

    Heroes and their repaint variants! And Mer-Man for some reason. Ram Man, Snake Mekaneck, Stratos (original Stratos' arms are broken), Snake Man-At-Arms and Slightly Different Man-At-Arms. Original MAA's shoulder piece is broken, but I have it.

    Heroes with no variants. Adam, RobotoSOLD, ZodakSOLD, Man-E-Faces, Orko, Teela, Sy-Klone, Buzz-Off, FistoSOLD.

    Villains with no re-paints. Whiplash, Evil LynSOLD, the bone creature from the Snake PitSOLD, and the worst He-Man of all with the broken Snake Crush hand eating his stupid head.

    Snake Mans! One complete Rattlor with two minions. The chest armors are gone, but I'm sure I have the weapons. One Khan is complete, I know I have at least one of their cobra hoods and I should have their guns. One King Hsss has his body and arms glued down, and the arms are cut to allow articulation.
    One Khan, SOLD
    One Hiss, SOLD

    Cats! Regular cats are SOLD, Samurai Battle Cat is available.

    Castle Grayskull, original version with the action chip crap.
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    Wow, this is a really good looking lot of figures.
    Replied, so if you want to add pics, you can... one last epic battle scene before you sell them all...
    Back, even if it's just for a short while.

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    Sent message on this

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    Payment sent for a few loose 200x figures (Roboto, Zodak, Fisto, and custom Faker) as well as ALL MOC/MIB Commemoratives and some mini-comics. Thanks!
    TOP 5 MOST WANTED: Filmation Whiplash, Filmation Ram Man, Filmation Two-Bad, Ice Armor He-Man, and Snake Mountain Man

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    Sending you a PM buddy.

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    Updated after making a few deals! Very sorry if I missed anybody's PMs!

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    still waiting to hear back from you?

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    Can you list what you have left? I'm looking for loose figures for the kids to play with. Thanks!

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    Hey i'm very interested in the keldor figure. The problem is I don't want spin blade skeletor. I would want keldor complete. Please tell me if you could do that.
    Good Journey,
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