Ok, so I got 2 King Grayskull figures from GILT.com, and I was getting one ready for a potential sale. I always like to check them out before I sell them to make sure there are no defects. As I was looking into the box I noticed the figure had 2 left feet (I guess he must be a bad dancer).

Anyway I can't sell a figure like that, so I decided to make another 200x version He-Man and here he is:

I made his shorts different from the last one I made and just cut off the belt and pouch from the 200x toy, and sand it down to fit over King Grayskull's original loin cloth. I know the color is different, but I like it.

I swapped the boots and head for a He-Man MOTUC figure, simple and easy, and looks way cool.

The sword is the Man-at-arms sword, the shield, ax, and chest harness are from the 200x line.

Easy to do, no paint, feel free to copy me.