View Poll Results: Is death in Masters of the Universe stories necessary?

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  • Yes! We're adults, and it's time for MOTU to grow up like most other properties.

    35 24.82%
  • No! There is no need for all the death in MOTU lately.

    36 25.53%
  • Sometimes. Death is a part of life and most stories. In MOTU, it should be done only as needed.

    70 49.65%
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Thread: Is death in Masters of the Universe stories necessary?

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    Yes, i prefer the more adult story. We are adults and the line is being sold to us. There is no saturday morning cartoon. I prefer a more barbaric story.
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    I voted sometimes. I think there is a bit too much in MOTUC.

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    Death is necessary if an important character dies in a meaningful way and not for shock value. Not to mention having an effect to those with a connection to said character to help in their development.

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    I knew a man who said “death smiles at us all. All a man can do is smile back”

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    For MOTU, it real depends on what version of He-man character is that determines how much death is acceptable.

    If you are sticking the Filmation He-man respects all life and teaches moral lessons- I'd say no to death except in the extreme rare case that is a teaching moment. It just doesn't fit the character or the world. A static world that is used to teach morals isn't bad as long as it is true to itself.

    If you are going for more MYP/MVCreation world were He-man has morals but due to the time span it would be silly if no one ever died even to the ravages of time. Death should be used, but only to make the story move forward or just due to age, or retold as an legend. Even then, it shouldn't be gruesome. That what locking people away in other dimensions are for.

    I haven't read the new DC comic, but I assume it is more violent. If He-man is okay with taking part in the occasional death, then warriors dying battle is okay. They all are master warrior welding dangerous weapons and magic- the occasional death is logical. If it is just for shock value, it is poor writing. The danger is that it takes a skilled writer to take childhood icons, "mature" them, and write a good story making all the death help move the story forward AND end it. That the one thing that can be bothersome with comics- they kill and kill and kill, and it becomes pointless cause it will never end.

    The whole point of following Adam, Teela, or (Adora for that matter) is to follow them on their personal heroes journey. They are all children with a destiny to fulfill. I like MYP/MVC/MOTUC telling of the tale because they all were reaching towards the end of the story. After 25 years, it is annoying that Mattel is still teasing us with He-man will beat Skeletor, Teela with become the new Sorceress/He-mans wife, and Adora with triumph over the Horde without ever giving us those final battles. Death needs to happens, but the degree of morbid can be variable depending on the over all theme.

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    so they are supposed to have never ending battles where before any blood is shed one or the other side retreats? So Skeletor is not that bad of a guy if he's not willing to sacrifice any of his minions. Death is everywhere. It needs to be explored in the motu universe.

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