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.....All that matters to me in my world is what I think and I'm holding out hope that I feel differently after seeing it at SDCC. But judging on past experience, I will be canceling.
I think a LOT of us are holding out hope that after SDCC Scott will reveal something that makes all our jaws hit the floor and we'll all keep our pre-orders. But like you, I just don't see it happening and will be cancelling all my orders (not even gonna keep 1 any more if nothing changes).

My biggest fear is that at SDCC there will be some other drama to contend with. They will reveal something (like an enlarged jaw bridge or molded interior, or the molded dungeon grate) but will have a disclaimer that "We might not be able to get this, guys, but I'm showing it because we're like 75% sure we will get it." and that will make some of us hold on to our pre-orders only to find out after it ships that what we were hoping to get got cut.