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Actually, yes. When I started seeing pics from the big reveal, and then heard they were allowing folks to cancel orders, my initial reaction was, "Who would cancel?" Then the details started to come out, and the word that Mattel might cut things further despite their previous promises quickly shattered that delusion.

So, I was surprised. I though with the increase in price from the original benchmark and the Fab Four involved in the sculpting, even Mattel couldn't majorly mess things up. After all this time, after all the foul ups and broken promises and flippant attitudes from TG and Mattel, I guess I'm still an optimist at heart. I really thought this would be the thing to re-invigorate the line and restore some credibility for Matty.

Silly me.
Completely agree with that

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and that....

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Yeah. You'd think that since the 2013 subscription scare actually forced TG to change the lineup, that Castle Grayskull is the LAST think that should get screwed up...