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Thread: Clearing the air on Castle Grayskull

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toyguru View Post

    1: Adding a slot in the throne for the Sorceress' tail feathers.
    2: Adding a slot/crack by the Jaw Bridge for the Power Sword (like in the mini comics)
    3: Adding a key hole in the back door that fits Scareglow's key
    4: Lowering the Jaw Bridge door into the base for a taller opening
    Perfect! I really really want one now.

    Thanks for the update and for putting up with a lot of flak and shrapnel.
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    On an unrelated note, can you give us a hint on the "best is yet to come" comment you made elsewhere?
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    Well, I was always pleased with the castle, but I was hoping for a bigger jaw bridge opening, and to a lesser extent the modified throne so, if those get done, I'll be one happy customer.

    Thanks for speaking out, Scott.
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    Thanks Scott for taking the time to address some issues.

    I am perfectly happy with the way things are looking this year.

    Keep up the good work and don't let all the negativity bring you down.

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    I will say that I appreciate addressing these issues and taking ownership of quite a few things.
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    Thanks for the update TG, as well as all the cool videos and bios discussions on

    I am not insulted by the tone or explanations, and I think people take for granted the fact that we even have access to the creators of the content we enjoy. Remember, not many other companies offer such access!

    We could have gotten some stuffed shirt who knows NOTHING about MOTUC or He-Man, or anything simply spewing antiseptic sales data and release info(Like the Videogame Industry), that we get a fellow MOTU fan/geek is good IMO.

    I started collecting these late, but I will continue to support this line for as long as it exists.

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    Thank you Scott, for taking the time to post this. A lot of fans will be happy. If this 'action figure line' ends this year, I dont think anyone can say it hasn't been the best darned Motu line ever!!! Subscribers on not, it has been amazing, and I'd be surprised if it keeps going.
    I mean...with all the price increments and required subscription.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Toyguru View Post
    I wish we could make the Castle bigger, I really do. And I totally understand some fans/customers want this as well. Bottom line, is that based on the price of $250.00, the current sculpt is 100% the biggest we can get. Yes. It is an inch or two smaller than the dimensions given at presale. And 100% we still expect some changes to happen (not neccessarily to the size but possibly to some of the accessories). We are committed to making sure to update everyone as the process continues to be as upfront as possible on any changes coming through.
    Then why don't you ask your customers if they are OK with a price increase or with scrapping all the accessories in order to get to the playset that was proposed?

    Why didn't you commit to keeping your customer updated on all these changes before the actual prototype was made? I thought Mattel was going to work together with the fans to make this happen and all we had for input was deciding which figures should be on the box-art (that is if the poll's not rigged again ).
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    Thank's for the update Scott I'm glad you cleared the air on this and I'm sorry you get so much flack about CG and this line as a whole sometimes. I think if even the nay sayers could see what you have to deal with to keep this line going I think they would change their perspectives alot and drop all of the negativity. Honestly, I think 90% (or more) of us are ABSOLUTELY in love with this line and hope it lasts for many more years. if you had told me in 2007 we would have had a line like this--I would have looked at you like you were crazy As it is, here we are living this fantasy that comes in a box every month that brings us as close to feeling like a kid again (a VERY addictive feeling by the way) as much as we possibly can besides like going to Walt Disney World So, thank you and the Four Horseman for what you do 100 Xs over
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    Thanks so much Scott! I am REALLY happy to hear that you and the design team are working on lowering that drawbridge to make the opening of Grayskull bigger. That will fully satisfy me on the size of CG!! It truly is huge and any bigger would get to be a bit much IMO. I still dont know where the heck I'm going to disply mine, but I will find a way Now for Snake Mountain in 2014!!!!!!!!

    Looking forward to seeing you again at Power Con and giving you a big thanks for all that you do for the line in person Keep up the great work and thank you for listening to the collectors on these boards for constructive ways to make MOTUC's the best it can be!

    Oh yeah, please make that 3D dungeon sculpt available for sale at some point!! It will make CG even more amazing and impressive!!

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    Thanks for telling us and also love the idea of making a hole for Scareglow's key.

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    as many others have said, "Thank you". I'm still looking forward to the castle and its updates.

    I will say this: I think castle accessories packs are a must and will no doubt sell. That is all.

    On a side note: Whether you agree with what Scott has to say, it's beyond amazing that a large toy company would get directly involved with its fans. I have never seen anything like it. So to me, that's part of what makes this line so great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ninja man View Post
    On a side note: Whether you agree with what Scott has to say, it's beyond amazing that a large toy company would get directly involved with its fans. I have never seen anything like it. So to me, that's part of what makes this line so great.
    Well stated, sir.
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    Thanks Scott!

    Really excited to see it at Power Con! (Can't make it to SDCC), and with that I'm hoping the production sample will also be at Power Con.

    Grateful I could shake your hand and thank you in person at Toyfair, the castle is phenomenal!
    I wish everyone could see it in person like that... It's a game changer to really see just how big it is outside photos.

    December can't come soon enough for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ninja man View Post
    it's beyond amazing that a large toy company would get directly involved with its fans. I have never seen anything like it. So to me, that's part of what makes this line so great.
    And exactly how is Mattel involving the fans, besides taking their money and doing a meaningless Q&A every month?
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    Two Thumbs Up! Now for that dungeon gate in a pack!!

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    Wait....SDCC Exclusive"s" (!!) ... will there be more than one??
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    TG, your interaction with the fans is very commendable and truly is unsurpassed. Thank you for that.

    ....I really hope something can be done with the position of the Jawbridge. Not only is it disappointing that the opening seems small for a figure to fit through without crouching, but it just looks odd when open and 'floating' off the ground, almost like a diving board.

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    Even though I seem to be in the minority, I thank you for update, but I will probably still cancel my CG after SDCC. This is really the only release in the line so far that I will most likely not own. It is the only release in the line that I feel has a large enough flaw that I won't be able to overlook. I could fix Stinkor and frosta's forearms, I could fix Roboto and Hisss' shoulders...heck I even figured out how to fix Frosta's heavy prostitute paint apps, but I can't fix incorrect scale. I don't think there is any conspiracy, or that I have been defrauded or anything that dramatic, I just think the castle is too small. I appreciate that Mattel is offering a refund to those that feel like I do, and I hope that it sells well so that we can get more playsets in the future.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Toyguru View Post
    I mean come on, selling in a 6" playset from a drawing B sheet? Who does that? And having a fan base strong enough to make this a reality? Only He-Fans are that strong!
    And apparently, only you continue to operate under the misconception that MOTUC is a 6" line, when it's clearly a 7" scale line.

    Is this misinformation instead deliberate for some reason?

    Bottom line, is that based on the price of $250.00, the current sculpt is 100% the biggest we can get.
    Why is that the bottom line? Why wasn't a better cost estimate calculated from the beginning of the project? Whose job is it to do cost-estimates? Is someone being held accountable for such a serious error?

    Until you go into more detail on this, you will continue to have upset customers who will demand a better explanation, who feel like they were sold on one thing, and then presented with another.

    We've got so much good stuff to look forward to, I am nothing but grinning ear to ear.
    Highly doubtful, and even if so, this is at major odds with the situation this line is facing. If you really were trying to look out for this line, you'd be much more concerned than that.
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    A "PR machine"?

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    Thanks Scott, keep up the great work! Don't let the vocal minority get you down.

    Castle Grayskull is awesome as is, so whether any changes are made or not I can't wait to get mine!

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    In response to this, I want to start off by saying that I don't envy the position that you are in, Scott. It can often be a thankless job, and the heat is always pointed at you whenever people get upset over something (sometimes rightfully so, and sometimes not).

    I personally am looking forward to the castle. I have no intention to cancel my preorder, and it would take something REALLY extreme with the final product reveal at SDCC to make me change my mind on that. Overall it looks great IMO, and I am looking forward to it. I'm sure you have an uphill battle with the higher ups at Mattel to keep this line going and to get something like the castle preorder approved in the first place.

    I ask that you please keep what I've said here in mind when I say the following (and the following is intended as me expressing this point in a calm, collected polite, but also 'to the point' manner)...

    I am somewhat disappointed in the size reduction of the Castle. Not to the extent that some other people are, but for me it comes down as "that kinda stinks."

    But I also can understand why others are much more upset over this than I am. And from a combined standpoint of empathy for those who are more angry AND of just sheer principle, I feel the need to say the following...

    While there may be some fine print on the preorder page for the Castle about things being "subject to change," many people were sold on this castle based on things that were said and were promised in videos that you made, Q&As, etc. Things like you stating that the Castle will be no smaller than the foam model, that at least all of the items from the B-sheet being included with the possibility of more, and the like. Even if the end product is only an inch or two shorter and only a couple of items are removed, technically the exact opposite of that is now happening.

    Keep in mind that I don't mean this as a personal attack against you, Scott, but as I said in another thread, I do kind of feel like to some extent the fans should have the right to take Mattel to task on this legally, regardless of any 'rear-end covering' fine print. Meaning that while it's nice that Mattel is extending fans the option to cancel if they are disappointed, at the end of the day that's still kind of lame solution in that it doesn't give fan what they wanted/were promised.

    Fans entered into a contract with Mattel when they preordered. But that contract is a two way street. Yes, there is fine print stating that things are subject to change, but none the less BIG promises were made in these videos, etc, and many people signed up based on those promises. In other words, they signed up under what can reasonably be considered false pretenses, the fine print be damned. And while it's nice that they are being offered the option to cancel, they should also have the leverage to (from a legal standpoint) demand that they don't cancel and instead be delivered what they were promised. In other words, fans should have as much of a say as to weather or not Mattel gets to not fullfill their end of the deal as Mattel has in saying whether or not the fans have to fullfill their end (in this case giving us the option to cancel).

    Like I said, I am stating this from a standpoint of principle and empathy for those who are really upset. Overall I anticipate that I will likely be happy with the end product. But still, while I am not too upset over the loss of a little bit of height and a couple of (hopefully minor) accessories being cut, at the same time, based on what has been said, we shouldn't be losing any of that at all. And I'm sure some people are more torn over this than I am. On the one hand, they might be FAR more disappointed over all of this than I am, but at the same time are hesitant to cancel since this will be the one and only Castle Grayskull we get in this line (this is kind of how I actually ended up feeling about the BTTF Hoverboard, but only after I got it in hand and saw it in person).

    The whole thing is a catch-22. We either get no castle or a reduced castle. And even if the fans collectively had the power and ability to take Mattel to court over this and force the Castle to be made as promised at a loss to Mattel, while we might end up getting a more ideal castle out of it, surely the higher ups would instantly kill the line and not let it go forward beyond making and releasing any items that are in any current, in-progress subs.

    While I anticipate being happy with the Castle, as I said earlier, I did end up being disappointed in many respects with the Back to the Future Hoverboard (I am a HUGE fan of those movies), and I wasn't one of those people who were nitpicking over things like the angle of the lines, etc. The electronic sounds just aren't very good, and the thing just kind of looks 'cheap' overall, mainly due to most of the looks of it being a big sticker. I was mainly hoping for a nice display piece (and I personally wish less money had gone into the electronics and instead into making it looks nice). I'm keeping it and it does have it's positive aspects, but I do feel rather disappointed.

    I just think that going forward, if any more preorders of this nature are attempted for any Matty Collector lines, there should be more of an effort made to under promise and over deliver, rather than the opposite as has been the case thus far. I know you get excited, Scott, and I think that enthusiasm is part of what motivates you to get on camera and essentially say (and I'm paraphrasing here) "This is how big this will be! This is all that will be included! Isn't that cool?!", only to have the reality of what can actually be done for the cost come crashing down on that. I'm sure to some degree, when you first find out this kind of info, it probably takes you by disappointing surprise just as it does many fans when they find out. I don't think that you are intentionally trying to mislead fans, but I also hope that you can understand why some people react the way that they do when they get angry over this stuff. If these over-promises weren't made in the first place, then people wouldn't even have these expectations.

    Again, I mean all of this in a polite, friendly manner. This is meant to hopefully be constructive, and I'm not trying to tear you down here.

    And regarding the following...

    Quote Originally Posted by Toyguru View Post
    4: Lowering the Jaw Bridge door into the base for a wider opening
    I hope that this happens and if it does, that the door, itself will be redone/re-sculpted/etc. so that the door still closes with no gaps.

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    I was very appreciative of the Castle Grayskull Q&A Toyguru/Mattel set up here on the .org. That's something that you didn't HAVE to do, but it was great that you did do it. It gave out detailed answers to a lot of concerns that are out there. I also very much appreciate this special message to customers and fans (we ARE customers, after all ).

    My personal biggest fear/gripe: the Jawbridge opening is too small when opened, having a figure standing on it. Knowing this is being looked into is excellent news.

    However, I really do hope everyone involved understands why there will still be very upset/angry customers, though (and probably more cancellations). For multiple months customers were promised via text, video, audio podcasts and in person that everything shown on the B-sheet (accessory-wise) would be included, as well as other things that will not be happening (fully sculpted interiors, bigger dimensions, no stickers/decals). We were CONTINUOUSLY told we may get MORE accessories, but not less than what was shown. Now the Castle shown at NYTF is missing some accessories shown on the blueprints (but has some different ones, so that was an understandable trade off I guess)...until it's said some accessories shown at NYTF might get cut! 2013 was supposed to be the year of NO cut accessories because of the price increases and you, again, specifically said the $250 price tag was to "have enough wiggle room to put enough into it" and that's why the Castle was not priced at $200.

    All in all, I'm very happy the 4H and everyone at Mattel are trying to do their best with Castle Grayskull, but I PRAY this situation has taught everyone at Mattel to be careful with their words and promises. If "change is inevitable" as you say in this post, please, NEVER say things like "you may get more than what's shown here, but NOT less." Say something like "This B-Sheet is what we propose to make Castle Grayskull. We plan to include everything shown and hopefully more!" That way, if budgetary constraints, logistics, etc. come in the way, you didn't make any specific promises to customers you were not able to keep. Many people understand costs get in the way and sacrifices have to be made, but people are upset at all the very specific and detailed promises given for months that have been broken. Breaking promises does not put faith into customers who are already on the fence about subscribing to Club Eternia 2014. I for sure will be here until the line is done, but you have to always think about the future.
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    I thank you for a response to the Grayskull situation. It is appreciated.

    Hopefully, this is a learning experience for you to not promise fans something until you get all the facts straight on cost issues and production. We all saw that sentence that the size was subject to change....but usually when there is already a set price for something, then there is no reducing the size of something without reducing the cost.

    I bought into the preorder based on your info you provided at the Toy Fairs and from threads on this website. The Castle Grayskull that you were exclaming as going to be huge, in the end did not meet the expectations that you said they were. I still think that this castle falls just short of being "in scale" with MOTUC figures.

    In the end, I am going to reluctantly cancel my order. For me, the size provided is just not worth the $287 dollars that I would be paying for it. I will also not preorder another playset like Snake Mountain or Fright Zone because they too, will still fall short of being in scale.

    I understand that you did the best that you could make it.....the 4H did an awesome job....but I just do not purchase items that have been reduced in size and not cost.

    I will continue to be a subscriber for the figures, though. Thank you for all that you do.
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