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Thread: MOTU: RESOLUTE = Would it work?

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    MOTU: RESOLUTE = Would it work?

    G.I. JOE RESOLUTE was an interesting take and upgrade on that line. Via several online episodes it brought that franchise a little bit of a bite, for a short while, and even turned Cobra Commander into something of a bad-ass willing to pull the trigger for a change (c'mon, he blew up Moscow).

    So, take that same edge and place it in the MASTERS universe. Do you think such an idea would work for something like an online limited series? Skeletor being more diabolical than ever imagined. He-Man with his back against the wall. A bit more drama than Filmation would have allowed back int he day?
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    It's difficult for me to answer without seeing the character designs and having some idea of the story.

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    The new DC comic is kinda like this. He-Man had a lot of blood on his sword.

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    Quote Originally Posted by He-bro View Post
    The new DC comic is kinda like this. He-Man had a lot of blood on his sword.
    Yes it is, good point....

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    Imagine an Eternia where Skeletor has WON. He sits on the Eternian throne, Randor either imprisoned or dead. He rules the land with a skeletal iron fist. All his enemies, including his nemesis He-Man, have all been destroyed.

    Or so he thinks.

    Turns out He-Man survived. Maybe it took him years to recover but he is now gathering up the remaining masters. It would be more interesting at this point to make the band of renegades he puts together include some lesser knowns. Man-at-Arms and Stratos are dead. Buzz Off has led his people off world. Roboto is destroyed. Moss Man permanently went 'plant' and merged with the planet. Man-E-Faces is Skeletor's slave, forced to entertain him like a court jester. Ram Man's armor hangs on the Palace gate as a warning. He-Man finds Mekaneck's head and neck in a junkyard (Alien 3 style) and Mek has files on likely places to find other Masters. Snout Spout is a fearsome plains protector who has to be talked into joining. Extendar is a sentient suit of armor, one of Duncan's forgotten projects hidden away. Maybe it is operated by a program that is modeled after Duncan's personality. That way, Extendar, can rebuild's Mekaneck using Roboto's half-destroyed body. They run into Rio Blast, a mercenary who has done work for Skeletor, and he reluctantly allies himself with them. Sy-Klone, badly psychologically damaged from the war in which Skeletor won, serves as the group's silent transport with his control over the winds. Maybe throw in a former evil warrior, say Beast Man or Spikor, disillusioned by Skeletor's treatment of him/his people/Eternia/whatever.

    So it become's He-Man's band of brothers against Skeletor's entire world!
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    As much as I disliked some of the cutsey stuff that Filmation brought to the table, I've decided that I don't want to see He-Man going down a darker route anymore.

    The current Keith Griffen comics have made me realise that MOTU works best when the tone is kept light. I didn't enjoy seeing Skeletor holding Sorceress' decapitated head. It made me feel sick. Killing off beloved characters may be fine for something aimed at adults like Game Of Thrones (a show that I love), but (in my opinion) that type of approach is completely inappropriate for Masters.

    MOTU started as a children's fantasy, and that's what I feel it should always remain - suitable for all ages. Even GI Joe: Resolutes' tone is too dark for MOTU.

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    As a HUGE GI Joe fan I can safely say Resolute gets weaker with every viewing, as much as the elements you mention where a nice change of pace, ultimately we have a light story, with little character development, pretty much all of the main cobra characters dying, Storm Shadow being completely out of character & a few swears thrown in. The action & animation is mostly top notch (by today's standards) and it was an interesting experiment by Hasbro. It can work with MOTU, but I would like to see it even better, with a more solid story and not just shock factor for shock factor's sake.
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    I wanna see a DARK violent ,sword and sorcery animation.. No Holds barred no mercy to evil do-ers!!
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    I am a HUGE fan of RESOLUTE, aside from the Storm Shadow angle I thnk it was the perfect take on GI Joe and it's, by far, my favorite screen incarnation of the franchise.

    I'd LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see MOTU done in the same vein.

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    Quote Originally Posted by H.A.L.9000 View Post
    I wanna see a DARK violent ,sword and sorcery animation.. No Holds barred no mercy to evil do-ers!!
    Actually, the above description exactly matches my interpretation of the Mini-Comic Eternia, my first taste of that world! I think it's plenty dark, violent and filled with sword and sorcery themes, but the semi-silliness of the cartoon blunted that message. In an effort to 'Resolute' the storyline, I feel like they'd actually go too far with it, or change too much in an unnecessary attempt to '21st century-it-up.'

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