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Thread: MOTU Classics : Filmation Skeletor !

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    MOTU Classics : Filmation Skeletor !

    Now that Mattel is having very little stocks of Skeletor (which could sell out very quickly & thus become "Gone For Good"), its certain that we aren’t going see his reissue anymore !

    Mattel simply not interested in making a newer run on the older figures anymore. So there is only one possible way that the Evil Lord of Destruction can make his return in his well-known form…… Its Filmation Skeletor !

    This is the Skeletor whom I grew up watching ! This is the Skeletor I was looking in figure form for years !! Getting Filmation accessories alone will NOT change the current MOTUC Skeletor into his Filmation counterpart. The cocky, arrogant looking Filmation bone face deserves his place in the MOTUC line !

    And This Is What He Needs :-

    New Parts : Filmation Baggy Hooded Head, Non Bracer Human Wrists (Can Be Reused On Oo-lar OR Vice-Versa), Semi Pointy "V" Shaped Boots (Similar To Bow/NA He-Man Boots, But Without Edge Design. Can Be Reused On Many Filmation Characters).

    Shared Parts : Standard Male Buck, Skeletor Armour, Skeletor Loin-Cloth, Updated Skeletor (Fang Man) Shins. Skeletor Reissue Hands (With Black Nail Paint job).

    Accessories (NEW) : Filmation Accurate Havoc Staff, Filmation Battle-Orb-Axe, Filmation Cross Bone Sword.

    NOTE :- I do know this is not possible in 2013 OR 2014. I hope they do him after this "2014-2015 Wrap-Up Road Map" is over !

    So, Let us support for his arrival in MOTUC !!
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    Matty Has Been Matted For 2017 !

    Now I Seriously Hope Super 7 Makes Me Feel I Am In Heaven !!

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