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Thread: Last call for my animations

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    Last call for my animations

    So the animation studio I use on the nintendo DSi utilizes a 3rd party (Hatena) for online posting of cartoons made with the program. The Flipnote studio 3D will soon be out for the nintendo 3DS and it will no longer utilize this 3rd party. In fact the Hatena site will be closing down for good on May 31. If you have a nintendo DSi and would like to download my animations, or if you've been putting it off, times running out. I'm not sure if I will be able to re-upload them on the new site or not, after all the new program has not been confirmed to be compatible with the old one, and I have a feeling that it isn't. I may still be able to link my DSi to my new profile and re-upload that way, but I'm not sure. I doubt many, if any here at the .org care to download my work, but I figured I'd put out the last call anyway. I'll link my channels below. Each channel is like a folder, holding like material. The two "can't miss" channels are the "Charger Station" and any "Champions Light" channel (there is one for the comic series, one for art by me, one for art by others etc). There are also Bible studies, anatomy studies/templates, and others to look through. There's a lot of stuff, but please at least go for the one mentioned previously. You can watch all flips in a channel in order by clicking the green play button at the top of the screen inside of each channel. Thanks for reading, thanks even more for checking them out, and again for downloading. I'd love to hear any feedback if you have any.

    Thank you!


    All channels -

    Charger Station -

    Champions Light comic -

    CL official art -

    Me playing some instruments -
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