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Thread: Help picking a Roller Girl Derby name

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    Great name! And glad to hear things went so well
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    Quote Originally Posted by He-Dad View Post
    That was my favorite too . Glad to hear ya had a good time. I have a friend that is a derby girl here and they are definitely some tough chicas!
    Yes, thanks for the nickie' We almost have a full team. Diva'stator would be our Pivot, Naan Violence would be our Jammer, Rose'hella and myself blockers. We just need one more blocker.
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    My fiancee and I go to the derby games up here in Toledo all the time. They're a lot of fun to watch, but the best thing is that the girls all know each other by their derby names. When I was cashiering at a grocery store, a lot of them would come in and introduce themselves as their derby names, so it means a lot to them. Awesome that you picked a good one
    Personally, I always wanted to see a Diva Destruction, even though there was a band with that name already...

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