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Thread: Illumina, Red Beast, Dare or Crimson Rose?

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    Illumina, Red Beast, Dare or Crimson Rose?

    New answer from Toyguru.

    "In the plan we hit all vintage MOTU and POP as well as key NA figures. We also hit character from other media that are major fan request ( ie Geldor, Shokoti, etc...)

    What we don't hit are some of the NA more obscure toys and variants and some POP variants (ie Shower Power Catra, Too tall Hoove).

    Obviously this is dependent each year on hitting the sub number etc, but if we get to 2014 and 2015, the revised roadmap should complete the major MIA characters including vintage toy characters. With rising costs, we want to maximize each slot. What you won't see until a potential 2016 line are characters like Illumina, Red Beast, Dare or Crimson Rose. (Unless of course any of those figs are in the yet announced 2013 slots)."

    Potential hint for an unannounced slot? I am hoping for Dare.
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