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Thread: NO Castle Grayskull size complaints on this custom!

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    NO Castle Grayskull size complaints on this custom!

    Allow me to bring us all to an agreement on CG.
    Probably what we all wanted....If only as one fan's passion for MOTU.

    Courtesy of

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    That would have cost over 1000 dollars.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cottonwood View Post
    Allow me to bring us all to an agreement on CG.
    Probably what we all wanted....If only as one fan's passion for MOTU.

    Courtesy of
    Now, this is what I call a real MotUC Castle Grayskull. The comparison with the Cottage Grayskull we're getting is depressing.

    Quote Originally Posted by RockinHard View Post
    That would have cost over 1000 dollars.
    So what? If that's what it takes to get a proper MotUC Grayskull, I'd gladly pay it.
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    Simply amazing. That's my dream CG
    Congrats to tha maker
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    This should be posted on mattys website. Id like to seen a Filmation Frightzone and the rest of the other playsets made by this guy too.He could probably build a MOTU/Filmation world if he wanted to which I would love to see!
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    Truly a amazing piece. I especially love the photo of Gygor hanging out the window with Stratos flying up to him.

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    I've seen this a few days ago, and it is amazing! I'd love to have a big toy room with this thing in the middle.

    I am not sure if you wanted to say that Mattel should have made it this big though? Because, no one would buy this, honestly. It would be too expensive, would cost even more to ship and no one would have space for it. They'd sell like 4 pieces.

    This is one of those things that you can invest a lot of time and money into on your own, and as such it is awesome.

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    Well, this is the coolest thing I've ever seen in terms of MotU, but I totally wouldn't want one. No room for that beast! Also would have cost me and arm and a leg, and I'd have to pass on it for that fact as well.

    Still: WOW. Would love to see this monster set in person! Just utterly amazing! How cool would that be in some sort of diorama with the surrounding foliage and the bridge to the castle? You'd have to set that up in a garden outside!
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    Having that in the '80s would have been the best thing that ever happened to me as a kid. Having that now would be the best thing that ever happened to me as an adult. lol
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    When I was a kid I dreamt of building a 6ft tall grayskull for my room, it would house my bed etc. this is MUCH smaller than I planned but it's on the right track
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