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Thread: Falconus, Argentos, and Longhorn

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    Falconus, Argentos, and Longhorn

    Falconus - Masters of the Universe Classics
    Body: Skeletor
    Head: Horde Prime alternate head + DC Direct Hawkgirl helmet

    Argentos - Masters of the Universe Classics
    Body: Faceless One
    Head: DC Direct Kingdom Come Deadman
    Left grappler hand: Marvel Legends Doctor Octopus

    Longhorn - Masters of the Universe Classics
    Body: Mo-Larr
    Armor: Count Marzo with cape removed
    Head: Icarius
    Horns: Four Horsemen Time Keeper (?)
    Sword by Spy Monkey Creations (repainted)

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    Dude, you're doing these for a living? Or have you been saving these up for some time?

    Great paintjob as usual. Really dig the customs, too.

    Falconus looks great as a sinister antagonist to Stratos... I'm curious how he'd look with Swift Wind- or Griffon-wings on his back...

    Argentos: One baaaad and scary Mofo... really dig his look. The "hollow" silver skull just looks downright menacing.

    Longhorn: I feel he would be even better with a more "greek"-/minotaur-theme... ax or hammer instead of a sword, and maybe a beard instead of clean shaven looks would tie him more together IMO.
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    Saw these on the other thread they came from and DAMN these are Incredible! Lovin Longhorn!
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    These are fantastic! I love the color schemes on all three. Excellent work.

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    Three cheers for anyone or anything named Argentos in MOTU!
    Also, very amused by the UT colors on Longhorn... who also came out great, by the way!
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