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    36 20.81%
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Thread: Are you buying the 12" vintage style figures?

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    Heroic Wisconsinite JSteele's Avatar
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    Are you buying the 12" vintage style figures?

    Just seeing what everyone's thoughts are. If no, please elaborate on why

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    I'd get the first two for the novelty of them... if they were blowmolded and like $25. Way too expensive for novelty, and way to big for anything else.

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    SAY10 is coming... dedset13's Avatar
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    I'll definitely be picking up all 4 of them!!

    He-Man's head sculpt is definitely off a bit, but I really like the rest of them, especially Skeletor!!
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    Heroic Warrior Stratos*Major's Avatar
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    But the giant Stratos does have me thinking...

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    Canadian 3-packs hunter bObA_fEtt_Ox's Avatar
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    Never ever !!!!!!!! They are piece of **** to me

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    >>>>> Evil Warriors 3-pack <<<<<
    >>>>> Evil horde 3-pack <<<<<

    $$$$$ $$$$$

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    Lightning League Leader kylun flac's Avatar
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    They are very cool. But Im not that kind of collector I just want motuc 6 inch figures only.
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    Heroic Warrior Gryf's Avatar
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    no way they suck

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    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Arkangel's Avatar
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    Maybe ... But if i do buy them it will probably be like a one time thing

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    Heroic Warrior byinfernoslight's Avatar
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    Might have been more interested if the releases had been spread out. A new release every month (plus the regular 6" figures) is more than I can afford.

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    Heroic Warrior Gryf's Avatar
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    already have a complete vintage collection i do not need that
    seriously that s a waist of money and time for me but understand some of collectors out there could like them cause way bigger for our bigger adult's hands lol
    however i hope they are still focusing on Classics toyline, this line is so huge, hope they will make new characters for years!

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    Heroic Warrior Orko's Magic Hat's Avatar
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    Not sure, they could have been so much better - even rising the price a little and spreading the releases out would have been good.

    I don't like the He-Man, Stratos is OK, might get Beastman and Skeletor. But the last few months are PACKED with various releases, plus the DC Super Powers stuff, mini figures etc.
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    Heroic Warrior AdultCollector's Avatar
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    No, I will never buy them.

    1. Too expensive.
    2. No mini comic!
    3. He-Man's head sculpt is poorly done.
    4. Packaging elements are poorly proportioned and positioned.
    5. Packaging is not resealable.
    6. "made in China" on back of He-Man's sword is ugly and distracting.

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    Motuc Blister Eater OnlyOneSkeletor's Avatar
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    I expect to get 2 (maybe 3) if Mer-Man was to be released next year, his vintage colour tones are
    freaking awesome !!
    But i agree with folks here, way too many negative aspects to point out, nostalgia part...

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    Heroic Warrior Brasco's Avatar
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    1. Way too expensive
    2. End of year will be expensive (especially October)
    3. He-mans head looks god awful
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    Nada not into this trend of 12 inch retro stuff. I'd rather get original stuff
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    Heroic Warrior Lich Leech's Avatar
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    The only one I might get is Mer-Man, assuming they don't screw him up. Still, pretty expensive.

    Early on one of the justifications for the expense of these was that they are solid plastic. But from Pixel Dan's walkthrough with toyguru they seem to be rotocast, so these should really be not much more expensive than Tytus/Megator.

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    Master of Disasters MOTU_Maniac's Avatar
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    I am still undecided. I like them and want them, but price is playing a factor.
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    Awesome Warrior Alexx's Avatar
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    I picked "maybe." I might get Skeletor, but that would be it. We'll see how I feel when the time comes.
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    Quester JonWes's Avatar
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    Right now I know I'd like to get Skeletor. That's about it so far. I'd get He-man, too, but his head is too far off the look of the vintage figure.
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    "I like Santa!" Dynamo of Eternia's Avatar
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    I voted maybe, as I am technically undecided, but I am strongly leaning towards no.

    If I were to get any of them, it would only be He-Man and Skeletor. But there are a few reasons why I still might not get them:

    *Both of them are botched IMO. He-Man especially, as his head sculpt just doesn't look right at all. Skeletor's sculpt is fine, but I really don't like how they handled the green coloring around his face. It doesn't blend into the yellow properly, and instead there is a very distinct line. For a $75 premium item, they should have been more spot on.

    *While I'm generally not a "MOC-Collector," being that these are oversized and on vintage style cards, displaying them MOC would be nice. But at the same time at that size, it would be cool to be able to take them out, display them with their weapons, etc. But the only way to do both is to buy two of each of them and keep one set in the package. The $75 price is already high, but there's definitely no way that I would be willing to pay $150 to get two of the same figure (plus tax and shipping).

    *While I've already mentioned price, over $75 is a lot for these, and they are all being released monthly at the end of this year in what is already an overloaded time. In addition to the regular Club Eternia sub, the POP mini-sub is just kicking into effect and will go for the rest of the year. Every other month, the minis come out, which I am also collecting. And the Battle Ram, which will cost $110, is coming out later this year, too.

    It would be nice if the giant sized figures were more spaced out (though my issues and reservations with them would still remain), but releasing them monthly is suicide.

    I have zero interest in the giant versions of Stratos and Beastman. It's not that I don't like the characters, but their sculpts in the vintage line, particularly Beastman's, were less than impressive IMO. And since both figures were significantly improved upon (to me, anyway) in their MOTUC incarnations, which I already have, I see no reason to shell out the money to buy oversized versions of what I consider to be not only lesser sculpts compared to their MOTUC versions, but sculpts that in general just weren't that great to begin with in-and-of themselves.

    Plus Stratos being the blue winged version doesn't help either. I far prefer his more traditional red winged, blue armor look. While I don't "mind" the blue winged look, and I did buy the DC VS MOTUC TRU pack to get the blue winged Stratos (since that was more reasonably priced and I am being completest with MOTUC), him being in a less preferred (to me) color scheme just adds even more reasoning for me not to buy him.

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    Heroic Warrior Cute Cult's Avatar
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    If they do Teela or Evil-Lyn I will purchase in a heartbeat

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    Heroic Daddy to Hermione! Uki's Avatar
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    As much as I love MOTU, I am definitely passing on these. MOTUC and the mini sets, I am all over though!
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    SoH Supporter He-Dad's Avatar
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    Passing. They are rotocast, similar in size/style as the Jakks Pacific ones, but 3 times the price. Just can't justify that. Well, and that He-man head.

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    Heroic Warrior
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    Hell no! I don't get the interest in releasing larger vintage style figure like this or Star Wars, and now also GI Joe? I've seen what past toys are and they pale in comparison to what we get now- the sculpts, the articulation, the paints, the accessories are all better, why is there interest in new releases made like they were in the 80's? And even at retail they are producing smaller scale figures with 5 POAs or less? Guess its just less for me to be interested in.

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    Heroic Warrior Exinferis's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by cbomb23 View Post
    Hell no! I don't get the interest in releasing larger vintage style figure like this or Star Wars, and now also GI Joe? I've seen what past toys are and they pale in comparison to what we get now- the sculpts, the articulation, the paints, the accessories are all better, why is there interest in new releases made like they were in the 80's? And even at retail they are producing smaller scale figures with 5 POAs or less? Guess its just less for me to be interested in.
    This ^. I also don't understand this current trend for big versions of 80's toys. The only "bigger" figures I'll buy are Takara/Hasbro's Masterpiece Transformers because:

    A) They're spot on G1,
    B) They're updated with new, more cartoon accurate heads and, oh my word, that pant-wettingly lush articulation!
    C) I can open the box, take the 'Bot out, display, put back in the box if I want.
    D) They're Transformers!

    I'll happily pay £100 for MP Ultra Magnus at the end of this year, but £100 (maybe more depending on exchange rate and postage costs) for a rotocast 12" figure with 5 points of articulation and, in He-Man's case, special Derpy features? (Well, since MLP:FiM every property has to have it's own Derpy, right? Why not He-Man?! ) No thanks.

    To me these would just be a massive waste of money.
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