They better make ALL of the vintage pop especially after so many obscures such as stars sisters and netossa , this line has become an investement for us fans and we'll be willing to pay to have ALL of the core characters (as part of an exclusive club !)

I suppose no one believes glimmer, angella or kowl are in danger , I truly cant wait to see what 4H will do with entrapta, peekablue or mermista : just make a 3 pak glimmer + angella + kowl and we'll have spots for others vintage in 2014-2015, or a 2 pak "defenders of good" maybe with sweet bee + perfuma ?

and no way they' re not gonna make at least regular TOY DECO CATRA (have no desire for silly variants like shower power or scratchin) ! she really deserves a slot even as a travelling convention exclusive : dou you guys mind a 2 pack catra + clawdeen would a be a good choice ?