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Thread: Legendary Beasts from Eternia

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    Legendary Beasts from Eternia

    I have to say James Eatock's Unofficial Guide to He-man is an invaluable resource when it comes to researching info on the series. I used it the other night to find all the Legendary Beasts from Eternia. these were ancient creatures that wrecked havoc across Eternia, Something only the ancients could control. Something interesting That I found was that many had an artifact that controlled them and there were certain people that either protected them from escaping or were trying to release them. Here's the list I came up with.

    Creature (artifact associated with it)- "episode"- Person or people associated with the creature

    Bakull (Crimson Pearl) - "Teelas Trial" - Merman

    Lorbus (Power Pearl) - "City beneath the Sea" - Merman

    Kraken ( )- "Search for the VHO" - Merman

    Colossor ( ) -"Colossor Awakes" -

    Molkrum (Staff of Avion) - "Reign of the Monster"- the Torgs

    Aroo (Sword of the Ancients) - "Masks of Power" - Deemos and Tryrella

    Gyrphon (Jewel of Protection)- "Return of the Gyrphon" - People of Chandor

    Sleeping Beast or Living Darkness (Skull of Shokoti) - "House of Shokoti" - Shokoti

    Energy Beast (Eternian Crystal)- "The Energy Beast" -

    Yog ( )- "Song of Celice"- Celice

    Crimson Scourage (Prison in the Darklands)- "Oredeal of the Darklands"- Kor and his lizard people/ King Helios

    Grimalkin (Feline Statue) - "The Cat and the Spider"- Kitterina and the cat people

    These i felt were worthy of throwing in their although they don't fall exactly as legendary creatures, or maybe they do, you decide

    Drachedon (PrimeEvil Potion)- "Creatures from the Tar Swamp" -

    Mother Roe (Magic waters from the Valley of Power) - " Valley of power"- Danavan

    Talgoth ( )- " the Rarest gift of all" -

    Scorpio ( ) - "Heart of a Giant" - The Keeper

    Even threw in a mini comic character although he is no where nearly the size of these legendary beast

    Haramesh (Emerald Staff of Avion)- Seige of avion (mini Comic)- people of Avion

    And the 200x series had a big one

    Serpos (Medellion of Serpos) - "Awaken the Serpent"- King Hiss

    Seems Merman is a preatty powerful ally to have on your side

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    Cool listing. I am getting that book!!!!

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    Nice I feel a couple dont belong their but that my personal opinion

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