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Thread: FS: Vintage She-Ra POP, some RARE...

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    FS: Vintage She-Ra POP, some RARE...

    I have a huge lot of mostly complete ( just missing little brush) and RARE She-Ra figures….
    These figures are still in great condition. Minor paint wear ( some to be expected after 20 some yrs )
    She-Ra ( complete with cape,dress,sword,shield,2 head dresses. PLUS the Starburst Cape)
    Swiftwind ( w/Helmet)
    Asking $30
    3-7-13 She-ra Pics 009.jpg
    Sweet Bee (complete with shield,wings,and head dress)
    Sweet Bee’s Horse (?)
    Asking $30 *SOLD*

    Queen Angella ( Wings still work perfectly)
    Glimmer (complete with skirt,shoulder armor, and staff)
    3-7-13 She-ra Pics 012.jpg
    Asking $30

    Bow ( complete with cape,armor,bow,and quiver)
    Catra ( comes with shield, skirt)
    3-7-13 She-ra Pics 013.jpg
    Asking $25

    Kowl Custom ( Won this on Ebay many years ago. I don’t think the chest opens due to the customizing but the tail and head still have articulation)(I haven't seen many of him around so I believe he's RARE)
    3-7-13 She-ra Pics 010.jpg

    Entrapta (RARE) (complete with skirt,head dress,shoulder armor)
    Asking $30
    3-7-13 She-ra Pics 011.jpg
    Netossa ( VERY RARE! ) (comes complete with head dress,shoulder armor,skirt,net cape,shield. PLUS another head dress and cape)
    Asking $55 *SOLD*

    Shipping will be $12 each for She-Ra/Swifty and SweetBee/Horse. $9 for Other lots in Upper US.
    Alaska,Hawii,Puerto Rico or International , email for shipping cost. Willing to make deal on multiples purchases.
    Can send additional pics if you'd like.
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