I have 6 packs of unopened series 4 Garbage Pail Kids (rack packs...24 cards in each). Thats 144 cards total in mint condition. I am trading as a lot.

I just got these today by luck and was wondering if anyone was interested.

Only want to trade.

Looking for any of the following:

MOTUC: ask for list
NECA Gremlins: any
Vintage & 2004 Smurfs: ask for list
Vintage Silverhawks: any
Vintage Thundercats: Lion-O, Tygra, Cheetara, Panthro
Arco Toys: Other Worlds: any
Bone Age: any
Big Jim figures: any

Figures do not have to be MOC. But do have to be in good - great shape. Does not need to be complete. If figure is not complete I am asking for it to be in really good shape.