I have been on this site for quite some time now and finally decided to start posting my vintage work. I realized after taking some pics I need to touch up the paint apps here and there. If you like I have many more in the works and many more ideas in my head.

Kop-or Knight: Elite Palace Guard

As Eternia Palace Guards prove their capabilities they move up in ranks eventually becoming a member of the Palace Guard Elite Knight. During Festivals the Knights put on a display showcasing their unique talents. Kop-or established himself quickly by asserting his leadership capabilities in battle. It was in this battle where his armor was damaged. Man at Arms has offered several times to replace the damaged armor but Kop-or wears the damage as an honor to his fallen friends.

Woodland Warriors
As The Snake Men advance towards Eternia they first encounter Mossman and his Woodland Warriors.

Raw-Kun Woodland Warrior

Raw-kun’s best offensive comes from being a scavenger and repurposing his finds for battle. His nocturnal nature makes him a great ally for when the Snake Men try to attack by night.

Lampropeltis - Bright Shield – Woodland Warrior

The Snake Men attempt to make their advance by night, but aren’t counting on their nocturnal non-venomous cousin Lampropeltis (Greek for Bright Shield) to ruin their plans by alerting the other Woodland Warriors.

Freedom – Woodland Warrior of the Skies

Freedom soars above the wooded battle front and aides his Woodland Warrior Allies as the defend off the Snake Men.

Gargoyle: Demon Troll of Snake Mountain

Trespassers beware as your cross over the bridge of Snake Mountain. Lurking underneath is the demon troll known as Gargoyle.

Dragon Master

Dragon Master is the master of all hand to hand combat. His knowledge has been passed on to many students but the one who he is most proud of is Ninjor.

Bountee Huntor: Horde Henchman

When the Horde continues to fail at executing Hordak’s orders he turns to Bountee Huntor. Why not use him all the time? His prices are high!