For sale: New Adventures of He Man Figures. All are 100% complete and in great condition. (See pics below)

Prices are listed below and do not include exact shipping. Discounts start at two figures.

He-Man $20
Battle Punch He-Man $30
Thunder Punch He-Man SOLD
Flipshot $15
Artilla $10 (semi loose legs)
Spinwit $40
Kayo $15
Hydron $10
Vizar $12
Tuskador (two of the same tusk) $18
Butthead $27
Staghorn $27
Optikk SOLD
Quake $27
Slush Head $15
Karati $12
Disks of Doom Skeletor SOLD (missing wrist cuff)
Flogg x2 $12ea
Battle Blade Skeletor SOLD