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    MOTUC Spider-Man Crossover

    Wanted to make a figure for my 4yr old son who is just starting to get into superheroes and is still a little young for MOTU Classics, but I thought this might be a cool intro for him. He likes Spider-Man so even though I have already bought official Marvel versions, he gets his own custom version first. Used MOTUC The Mighty Spector as a base, added Demo-Man shins/lower legs, and Stratos sock feet. Painted Spidey in classic red and blue colors with black outline minus the black webs on the classic suit.....because I'm not that good at fine details, but you get the idea. I like how he turned out and he's easy to repaint should my son really trash him up because this is meant to be played with and not displayed. Pictured with Marvel Legends Spiderman Classics Series II Rhino to show that Spidey isn't a skinny teenager anymore. Any suggestions/critiques would be welcomed because I'm still learning so I can use all the help you can give me!
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