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Thread: Lego for sale or trade (Collectible minifigures, Star Wars and more)

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    Lego for sale or trade (Collectible minifigures, Star Wars and more)

    Hello all.

    Lately I've been bitten by the Lego collector bug, and collecting minifigures is a nice and inexpensive way of satisfying that urge. As usual I have acquired some extras that I don't want, and I would love to trade for figures I don't have. Also dug up some Star Wars minifigs that I'd be happy to trade off as well.


    S1 Magician
    S1 Skater
    S2 Downhill Skiier
    S3 Surfer girl
    S5 Royal Guard
    S6 Skater Girl
    S9 Workout Chick

    All have all their parts and can be supplied with baggy if desired. Series 1 and 2 figures are extremely rare now due to how underproduced those sets were.

    Assorted Star Wars minifigs, all from the flesh-tone era. They have exactly what is pictured in the pic. One trooper is missing a hand, he'll come along free with any trade or purchase.

    Spider-Man and Peter Parker (both from Marvel Studios) and some licensed guy I can't remember who he is.


    Collectible minifigs:

    S1 Zombie
    S1 Spaceman
    S1 Super Wrestler
    S1 Robot

    S2 Spartan Warrior
    S2 Witch
    S2 Vampire
    S2 Explorer
    S2 Pharaoh
    S2 Ringmaster
    S2 Disco Dude

    S3 Aviator
    S3 Elf
    S3 Gorilla Suit
    S3 Space Alien
    S3 Samurai
    S3 Mummy

    S4 Werewolf
    S4 The Monster
    S4 Hazmat Guy
    S4 Scientist

    S5 Gladiator
    S5 Lizard Man
    S5 Detective
    S5 Egyptian Queen

    S6 Classic Alien
    S6 Leprechaun
    S6 genie

    S7 Aztec Warrior
    S7 Galaxy Patrol
    S7 Evil Knight

    S8 Evil Robot
    S8 Businessman
    S8 Actor
    S8 Alien Villainess

    I may also be interested in other Lego sets, let me know what you have.

    Thanks for looking!

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    That's a Mutt Williams torso and hairpiece with a han solo leg pice. The face is used on a variety of different figures.

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