Reading through the Kayo thread in the Character Support section of the Classics forum, it seems to me that he's...a little boring. Which struck a nerve with me because a)I found most of the human Protectors boring and )b this is shouldn't be boring! So I've been thinking about the NA figures and how to spice them up so they're not quite so boring(to me at least, and hopefully others too). Let's start with Kayo himself:

Kayo: Look at the figure! He's obviously had some enhancements done. How cool would it be if he had been abducted by the Horde and experimented on, possibly infecting Kayo(or as I'd rather refer to him, Knock Out(K.O. get it?) with the same techno organic virus that Skeletor used on himself to save his life. Maybe have K.O. as the Protector's drill sergeant who gets abducted and infected. He is returned to them with his new abilities(super strength) and is used as a Horde sleeper agent who overcomes their control and rejoins the Protectors.

See what I mean about spicing up the characters?

Next up is Vizar:

Vizar: Being able to see long distance and through things is great, but what if it was the *only* way for him to see? Yeah, it's kinda borrowing from Star Trek TNG, but I thought it'd be a cool twist if Vizar is totally blind without his visor.

I'm still working out ideas for Spinwit and Nocturna. I can see Spinwit being some kind of fighting champion on Primus who has perfected the deadly fighting style of Toranado(or Nortado). His abilities and fighting prowess are seen when a group of Mutants attack the Primus arena where he's fighting. Instead of running, he helps the Protectors fight off the Mutants and is then asked to join. Yeah, I like where this is going.