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Thread: My 365 Project based on He-Man

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    My 365 Project based on He-Man

    I got the notion to do a 365 Project this year (One picture a day the whole year).

    Having recently rescued a couple of my He-Man toys from days of long ago from my grandparents house, I thought it would be amusing to do the project centered around He-Man. No particular reason, just seemed funny to me at the time.

    You can see the whole set here:

    Or I have decided to post them to Facebook as well, you can 'Like' the page to follow each as I post them daily here:

    Here are a couple of the highlights

    Death to Skeletor by EnvisionDigital, on Flickr

    Death to Skeletor

    He-Man disposing Skeletor

    Was It Live or Was It Grayskull? by EnvisionDigital, on Flickr

    Was It Live or Was It Grayskull?

    Rock on my friend.

    He-Man and Friends Watch the Big Game by EnvisionDigital, on Flickr

    He-Man and Friends Watch the Big Game

    But who will win?

    This is GRAYSKULL!!! by EnvisionDigital, on Flickr

    This is GRAYSKULL!!!

    Into the sink with you Skeletor

    He-Man Pimps Himself Out by EnvisionDigital, on Flickr

    He-Man Pimps Himself Out

    He was young and needed the money

    (Just in case it wasn't clear it is a spoof of a Calvin Klein ad)

    He-Man and Friends Play Yahtzee by EnvisionDigital, on Flickr

    He-Man and Friends Play Yahtzee

    Does anyone actually play this game or is just traded around Christmas time?

    Hope you enjoy. Open to suggestions for pictures also if anyone has any ideas that would be amusing, 365 days is a long time.

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    Great pics.
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    Some recent editions.

    He-Man Sees a House in the Distance by EnvisionDigital, on Flickr

    If TV has taught me anything it's's always zombies. Or clowns. I hate clowns.

    He-Man and Friends Make Dinner by EnvisionDigital, on Flickr

    Great now his feet are on the rest of the crackers.

    Masters of the Sugar Rush by EnvisionDigital, on Flickr

    Happy Easter from He-Man and Friends

    He-Man is a Quiet Man by EnvisionDigital, on Flickr

    How quiet is he?

    You will never get a peep out of him.

    Soon by EnvisionDigital, on Flickr

    Build a moat He-Man.

    Right Hand Green by EnvisionDigital, on Flickr

    Ram-Man you're out

    Evolution of He-Man by EnvisionDigital, on Flickr

    He didn't even need a monolith to randomly appear

    He-Man Does His Taxes by EnvisionDigital, on Flickr

    I don't think fur shorts count as a business expense

    You can see them all here:

    or 'Like' this page to get daily updates: Facebookl

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    Funny stuff!
    Please see my arts gallery here: Have fun browsing!

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    There is some awesomeness happening here.

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    Haha! These are fantastic! XD

    That "Peep" line cracked me up.
    Evil Simian Mechanic of the Horde!

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    A couple more from recent.

    You can follow at

    He-Man Berried Alive by EnvisionDigital, on Flickr
    He would have been fine, if not for the flashbacks of being trapped in the ball pit at Chuck e Cheese as a young child

    So Many Jokes... by EnvisionDigital, on Flickr
    So little time

    Run Away! by EnvisionDigital, on Flickr
    He just wants a hug, why does everyone always run?

    Orko the Magician by EnvisionDigital, on Flickr
    Given his track record, He-Man should probably leave the room.

    Keep the Flag Flying by EnvisionDigital, on Flickr
    And remember those who died protecting it

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    Brilliant! the robot hug one had me cracking up!
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    This one goes up to 11... When Cannons Fade

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    Love what you're doing, gonna go check out more of the set now!

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    These are great wow

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