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Thread: PowerCon Vendors

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    PowerCon Vendors

    Hey all, I have a question for folks who have attended either of the last PowerCons. Do any of the vendors there have loose complete rare figures, such as Spinnerella? I've never attended a Con before so I do not know what the vendors are like. Also, what are their prices like in comparison to ebay? Should I expect to pay more for figures there than ebay, or less?

    Thanks for the help!

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    I haven't been to Power Con, but I have been to several comic/toy conventions. I have found that the dealers usually ask for more than eBay on a lot of items. Dealers also won't haggle much on the prices during the first day of a show, but will budge a little bit on the last day.
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    could be prices are a bit higher, but you are able to inspect the item before purchasing, and no shipping charges, so it's kind of worth the extra, imho. you can always ask if the price is firm, or if they're willing to offer a discount.
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    I didn't come across any. I did get a lovely complete loose Entrapta while I was there but only a couple of vendors had any vintage of POP items at all let alone rare figures. I too had been hoping to find things such at Power-Con (specifically the Defenders of Good 3-pack!) but, alas, there were none to be found

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    Disappointing to hear there wasn't much POP to choose from.

    I was just going to add that in my experience, any vintage MOTU I've seen at a convention was marked up. Nothing was ever less than 15 dollars, even if it was in terrible condition. Vendors often get their stuff from Ebay, so you're paying whatever they paid, plus the shipping and whatever mark-up they add for profit.

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