I love March Madness. Best sporting event in the world to me. I also love MOTU. Best toyline in the world to me. So I thought, why not combine them? Why not indeed! So here's how it works!

1. You pick one character from each match-up. Each vote is one point. First character to 10 'points' wins that match and moves on to the next round!

2. Next round - rinse, repeat!

Use ANY criteria you want - best toy, coolest cartoon character, who would win in a fight, best childhood memory - your vote is ENTIRELY up to you! I will not be voting as to not overly influence this thing.

This should not take long at all and it not fair in the least - whoever happens to be on the Org at this time will influence the brackets greatly. But that's where the madness comes in! Plus, I don't have all week to tally votes!

Apologies to PoP, NA and other MOTU eras - I only had 64 spots! But if someone wanted to do a March Madness bracket for those eras...

Match-ups are alphabetical.

Battle Cat vs. Beast Man
Blade vs. Blast Attak
BuzzOff vs. Clamp Champ
Clawful vs. Dragstor
Evil Lyn vs. Extendar
Faker vs. Fisto
Grizzlor vs. Gwildor
He-Man vs. Hordak
Horde Trooper vs. Jitsu
King Hiss vs. King Randor
Kobra Khan vs. Leech
Man-at-Arms vs. Man-E-Faces
Mantenna vs. Megator
Mekaneck vs. MerMan
Modulok vs. Mosquitor
Moss Man vs. MultiBot
Ninjor vs. Orko
Panthor vs. Prince Adam
Ram Man vs. Rattlor
Rio Blast vs. Roboto
Rokkon vs. Rotar
Saurod vs. Scare Glow
Skeletor vs. Snake Face
Snout Spout vs. Sorceress
Spikor vs. Sssqueeze
Stinkor vs. Stondar
Stratos vs. Sy-Klone
Teela vs. Trap Jaw
TriKlops vs. Tung Lashor
Twistoid vs. Two Bad
Tytus vs. Webstor
Whiplash vs. Zodac