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Thread: My Two Loves.. and Music Team up :)

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    My Two Loves.. and Music Team up :)

    Hey guys and Gals

    you can find this on the main page.. but thought i'd share it here as well

    The Impressionistz are an experimental underground hip hop group. Loving all genres of music, they use those influences to help create a sound that stretches the imagination. The Impressionistz strive to paint music on canvas.

    One of the members, Age, who is also a fan of Masters of the Universe has decided to make his first release of 2013 an exclusive download for He-Man.Org. For users and members of He-Man.Org that download the new single called I Still Came Back for a minimum of 1 dollar or more, 25 percent of each purchase amount will be donated to He-Man.Org.

    Age adds, "As I'm a big fan, this is my way of saying thanks to such a great site. All I ask is that when you download, please send a message (which can be added when downloading) with your He-Man.Org User ID if you have one and that you found the link via He-Man.Org."

    Click here to listen to the new track from The Impressionist for free! It's only 1 dollar to download and your purchase helps support the creative efforts of fans like you and helps support He-Man.Org. Thank you!

    Hey gang!!!!

    Come on!!!! only 1 dollar help a starving artist and 25% percent goes to the org, i'll be posting more tracks shortly and my goal is to donate 100.00 to the org, so that means i need 400 downloads for atleast a dollar each

    and i was thinking.. for each person that downloads and sends me a message through bandcamp that they are from the org and downloaded, once i hit 100 downloads from the org, i will put all the org ID's in a hat and pick a winner for a cool MOTU PRIZE!!!!

    come on guys!!!!
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    Download!! 25% goes to help the ORG!!!!!
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