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Thread: Facebook Fan Page-Please Read

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    Facebook Fan Page-Please Read

    Hey guys! Hope everyone is ok!

    Me and my friends created a fan page for our group. We call ourselves Code PAC. Please, if you can like us it would be great! We post info about gaming in all consoles, movies, entertainment, etc. We also post live streams, videos, etc.

    Remember Code PAC or follow the link!

    Sale/Trade//Feedback//MOTU Customs// MOTUC Albums//MOTU Fans Puerto Rico Chapter

    I got lazy...So here is a link to my NON MOTU Collection!
    Collection and NON MOTU Customs

    XBOX ONE Gamertag: Avenger12PR
    PSN: Avenger12PR

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    Me and my brother still play video games today but not on consoles. I play Sonic Heroes on our computer (downloaded from the Internet) and he plays Angry Birds Transformers on his handphone.
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