Last year both Mattel and fans were blindsided by the unexpected dip in subscription sales. Whatever the reason for that loss of subscribers has been detailed in numerous threads, so no need to recount them here.
But what's being done differently this year to help ensure sub sales? Besides character selection that is.
Subs generally open at SDCC and close after a mere few weeks, well before Power Con. That's not a long enough window for subs. What worked in 2010-12 won't work anymore. The line is different, the fans are different, and the world/economy is different. So far it looks like Mattel is approaching 2014 with a business as usual mentality. Clearly the 2013 sale model needs some improvement, and more time to sell.

I was AT the Matty panel at SDCC, as I've been the last few years. Every year I usually sign up at the Con, but for the 2013 subs, I didn't. Why? I didn't think of it and I don't recall hearing much about it from Mattel. If they announced it, it was brief, the prior years they practically shoved it down our throats (which was a GOOD thing) as we were walking out the door and at the Mattel booth, they had tables set up and everything. I don't recall that last year, and if it happened, I didn't see it.

2014 needs to be approached based on its particular needs. Has anyone heard of anything that Mattel might do differently?