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Thread: 2014 Subs, what's being done differently this year?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdscissorhands View Post
    Reveal Gwildor, Flutterina, Multi-bot, Dylamug, Nephtu and Plundor and we're dead!

    I would buy FIVE subs if they revealed Dylamug.
    Don't assume what characters would sell the line.

    Also, I truly think that all Mattel needs to do to improve sub sales is to start being UPFRONT, HONEST and POSITIVE about EVERYTHING. Stop over promising and under delivering; stop telling us the line will die if we don't sub. They need to start keeping to their word (don't tell us we'll get a minimum of everything on the B Sheet and then start cutting back on things, for example). Don't tell us the line is going to die if we don't sub. Instead, just put the subs up for sale and tell us to start buying in. If the line will truly die if we don't buy enough, so be it, but don't go sending everybody in a panic. TG needs to be nothing but upfront, honest and positive. If being upfront and honest would cause something to not be positive, he needs to just keep his mouth shut.

    That's my 2-cents.
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