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Thread: MattyCollector to issue shipping charges refund for map!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xetheus View Post
    Received no email yet regarding refund, but instead DR is still telling me the overcharge is correct. Seems DR CS is really informed about what is going on. Sigh! These people are awesome!
    Has anyone received this mysterious email yet?

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    Ah, Mattel...yet another customer service issue/problem with this line. The abuse of your loyal customers continues. I am getting to the point where if a month comes and there is nothing wrong, I start to worry...
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    Quote Originally Posted by cax16 View Post
    Has anyone received this mysterious email yet?
    No not yet, but do what I do call your bank and say identity theft & issuse you a new card & get your money back. So far I've gotten 10 figures free from Matty/ DR screw-ups since 2009.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Morningstar View Post
    Who is going to pay for the extra custom charges we'll have?????
    That is not right at all..... a credit should be added to all international purchases for the next month coming.
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    It is not where I am that matters, it is when
    So do I have to complain or are they just going to give it to all of us?
    Can someone PM me the US number for Matty? I want to talk to someone who might has a clue of what is going on.

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    Consider this a hearty "no confidence" vote for me going into a 2014 sub. I'm really starting to look forward to never buying from Mattel again. LOL.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Kain View Post
    So do I have to complain or are they just going to give it to all of us?
    I asked for a new receipt with corrected shipping fees and the reply I got was:

    Dear XXXXX,

    Thank you for contacting the online store.

    As per the post regarding the refund for the incorrect shipping amounts,
    you will receive an email once the refund has been issued.

    Please check your inbox, spam and junk mail folders.

    If you live outside the United States, customs, brokerage, and tariff
    fees may be applied to your shipment according to your country’s import
    laws. Unfortunately we are not able to assist with issues pertaining to
    these fees as they are not collected as part of the order process.

    Marigel B.
    online store
    Customer Service
    Email ID: 25358345
    So I assume you do not have to complain to receive a refund.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Agent Gibbs View Post
    And we won't get back the percentage extra for any customs fees charged including the higher than supposed to be shipping, i just paid an extra $20 for this months parcel, that could have been reduced
    Every country has an appeal or refund process if you have paid too much tax. You should be able to collect all your documents and submit them to your revenue and customs agency.

    Just a quick internet search pulled this up for you...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Agent Gibbs View Post
    I'm in the uk

    My parcel came to $63.15, $38.15 of that was shipping
    I got a customs charge of £13.26 which is around $20
    I'm from the UK too and I waited over a month for 2 Ram Mans and 2 Jitsus to arrive. Now I don't mind paying extra for a swifter delivery, but £25 customs charge on top of what I paid and then wait for over a month is flaming ridiculous. If I was selling on ebay and treated my customers like this I'd have the worst feedback rating in history, I'm sure you'd agree. Last year I even got charged customs for an open box. Customs and revenue couldn't even be bothered to tape the box back up and seal it safely before sending it on its way, which is even worse

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    The package should be valued at the cost of the figures only...the shipping should never be part of the "Value Of Goods" if it is wrong...I know Sideshow is one of the worst for incorrect value on international packages...the amount is all over the place.

    If an international seller puts shipping in the "value for customs / duty" the shipping made the error ...and surprisingly I have noticed that Matty usually undervalues the packages I recieve.

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    I've never gotten an E-mail period....but obviously need a refund due to the overcharge.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowfall1976 View Post
    I've never gotten an E-mail period....but obviously need a refund due to the overcharge.
    Me neither! I looked at the email invoice. The prices for the items themselves are all itemized, but the postage and handling fee which comes to $46.60 isn't. Is this charge correct, because I don't have a clue? I've received no email. Nothing.

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    Honestly, I would just like to get my sub renewed and shipped like it should be, overpriced shipping or not. I wish that the shipping refund was all I was worried about at this time.

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