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Thread: Does any one have detailed pics of Eternia parts?

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    Does any one have detailed pics of Eternia parts?

    Does any one have detailed pics of every individual piece to Eternia? I have an Eternia, but don't know for sure what I am missing and a picture check list would be very helpful.

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    I have a manta pic, just because I have been looking for one forever now...

    Eternia Towers Moat Manta Ray.jpg

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    Eternia parts

    I have an almost complete eternia. About 95%. i am only missing two parts and the papers that came with it. Pm me your email and i can send you lots of pics.
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    There's also a picture of the original manual under the "Collecting" section of the main site, which shows all of the parts (the smaller parts still on the sprues they originally came on).

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    The manual has a list of the parts for Eternia in black and white. As Jack of Clubs stated, you can find it in the "COLLECTOR" section of this forum's main site.

    You can always use the search function on ebay to search for "ETERNIA" OR "ETERNIA PARTS" and take a scroll to see which pieces you may be missing. That is a good way to see some pics too. Ebay prices are all over the place so you may want to reach out to other collectors with your want list and maybe initiates trades or deals that way.

    Good luck. BTW, I have some Eternia pieces listed on my BluJay page. The link is in my signature.
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