MOTUC She-Ra / Supergirl 2 pack
MOTUC Zodac / Green Lantern 2 pack
MOTUC Netossa ( MIB )
MOTUC Frosta ( MIB )
MOTUC Keldor Secret Accessory 200x Sword ( Power Con Exclusive ) in baggie
MOTUC Merman weapons pack armor, sword, staff in dark gold
MOTUC Beastman's weapons pack red whip
MOTUC Stratos weapons pack red jet pack - PENDING

DCSH Nightwing ( loose complete )
DCSH Robin ( loose complete )
DCSH Joker ( loose complete )

DCUC wave 20 Sinestro MIP
DCUC YJ 6" Superboy MIB
DCUC YJ 4" SDCC Superboy MIB
DCUC CNC Stel RT leg
DCUC CNC Arkillo LT leg
DCUC CNC Imperiex LT leg
DCUC CNC Grundy RT arm
DCUC CNC Nekron RT arm
DCUC CNC Desperos RT arm
DCUC CNC Ultra Humanite RT arm

DCU Green Lantern Classics Black Hand (loose)
DCU Green Lantern Classics Black Lantern Abin Sur (loose)

DC JLU 3 pk Batman, Zatana & Shining Knight MIP
Movie Masters DKR Catwoman goggles up MIP

Young Justice Icicle Jr's Hall Of Justice piece

Ghostbusters Classics Egon ( loose, w/ pke meter )

Marvel Legends Psylock MIB
Marvel Legends Scarlet Witch MIB (w/ pack in vehicle)
Marvel Legends Loki MIB
Marvel Legends BAF Sentiniel lower torso

Plus too many items to list ( SW, G.I.Joe, Transformers ) please send PM with trade proposals!


200X loose complete or MIB -
Bat Flight Pak
Bashin’ Beetle
Battle Ram Chariot
Battle Tank
War Whale
Smash Blade He-Man
Battle Armor Skeletor
Spit Bull
Mega Punch He-Man
Mutant Slime Pit
Shield Strike He-Man
Snake Armor He-Man
Venom Spitting Kobra Khan
Battle Bones
Mecha-Blade He-Man

200X Keldor (loose)
200x Faker (loose)
200x Moss Man (loose)
200x Zodak (loose)

Kobra Khan's lizard pet - will pay $10 shipped or trade for any of the above DC figures - PENDING
Zodak head from Strobo
TRU He-Man shield
1 Snake Mountain Stand
Whiplash (MOC)
Teela (MOC)
Shadow Weaver (loose)
Snake men 2 pack (loose complete)
Trap Jaw (loose, not neccesarily complete)
Horde Prime (loose, not neccesarily complete)
Catra (loose, not neccesarily complete)

DCUC CNC Grundy's left arm
DCUC CNC Atom Smasher's right arm

Transformers/G.I. Joe 2012 SDCC Constructicon B.A.T.

DCUC (or DCSH) Superman - loose and broken is fine as long as his Left arm and fist is intact ( pretty sure it's the left... )