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Thread: Back but new

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    Back but new

    So I was on the forums a few years ago...under the name MykEd. After the big "re-do" a while back, I got all discombobulated and lost my password and any means of getting on. So after some time of lurking and casually reading, I decided to do another profile.
    After all, it's not like it'll kill me to start from scratch, eh? Glad to be back - this is an exciting time for MOTU, in my opinion. While the Classics line is starting to wind down, I think there's more of a community feeling now than when the line was just starting out. Then again, that's my opinion not having been active for so long.
    I never subscribed to anything, only cherry picked a small handful of figures - been a fan without buying anything I did subscribe to the Filmation line, though, because let's face it - they're awesome.
    Glad to be back, and hope to have some kicks with everyone.

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    Welcome Back!
    .:*~*:Thank You, Lou Scheimer...and Good Journey:*~*:.
    ...For Every Destination is but a Doorway to Another...
    The Time Has Come for Crackers The Clown and Chef Allen in MOTUC!

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    Welcome back!
    Trust me, trust me, be a'right,
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    Sign' blood or fool night,
    Drink a little poison 'for you die.

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    Welcome MykEdwards.
    "These are the days of high adventure"

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    Welcome back. Hope you stick around this time

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