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Thread: Want To Buy :- (1st) Armour Version King Randor, Toys R Us Skeletor, Stinkor & More !

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    Want To Buy :- (1st) Armour Version King Randor, Toys R Us Skeletor, Stinkor & More !

    I Am Looking For :-

    King Randor (Loose OR MOC)

    Toys R Us Skeletor (Loose OR MOC)

    Colour Changing Orko (Loose OR MOC)

    Spikor (Loose OR MOC)

    Stinkor (Loose OR Just His Buck Would Be Fine)

    Thanks !
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    Hey, I may not get my Filmation Skeletor, *REMOVED*, Filmation Evil-Lyn or Filmation Sorceress 2.0............ BUT, Some Day.......... Somehow...... Mattel will give me the another variants of these same characters ! However, there is very little chance for your Kayo, or Kitrina or Vultak or any of your desired characters if you fail to support the 2.0's & variants in 2016.... or in the future !

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    Pm sent.......
    It's your place for Freedom of Speach for everything MOTU, POP, TMNT, , Horror, Wrestling, DC and Batman, and all other properties that are cool.
    Is is now up and live please check it out and spread the word please!!!

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    Pm sent for Orko!

    Sergio R.
    Thank you so much to my partners of for helping me to get MOTUC figures:

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