Hey again everyone. It's the org's resident villain asking the .org heros for help once again.

I'll be bolding a TL;DR section below

A couple months back, I entered a mall raffle/contest (can't remember which it was), and a few days ago I received a call saying I won one of the big prizes; and that, to receive the prize I won I would have to travel to a resort nearby me. They said my prize is guaranteed, and that all I have to do when I get there is to take a tour of the resort. No seminars. No buying in. They later mailed the entry form I filled out, along with a letter saying that I won, stating the prize list, and that I can claim it anytime. Here's the list of prizes, of which I am eligible for one: A big wad of cash, a new car, a shopping spree, a cruise, and a small wad of cash.
When I told my family about this, they unanimously cried foul, saying that this is one big scam and that I'm being fooled. Here's their reasoning that they told me:
The letter I got was sent to every participant, not just the winners.
They lie on the phone to get you to come.
I'd HAVE to buy in in order to receive my prize.
If I don't buy in, They'll bar me from claiming my prize.
They pressure you the entire time to buy in
Family had several family friends that did this very thing.

The only thing different is that I have the actual entry form I filled out, whereas the family friends got something in the mail; Family refused to believe me though. I really want to claim the prize, but all this crying foul family did leave a feeling of doubt within me, and it's this doubt that is making me unsure of which course of action I should take.

I won one of many big prizes in a mall contest
To claim prize I have to go to a resort
Family believes it's one big scam
Family cited many reasons on why it's a scam
I really don't know what to think...

So, please... what do you think I should do...?