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Thread: My WANTS list. Looking to buy loose figures - may trade King He-Man!

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    My WANTS list. Looking to buy loose figures - may trade King He-Man!

    King He-Man is in hand and I just don't like him... I'll make a trade for the right offer. A lot of people are asking $60+ for him... that's nuts! I want to be fair to everyone, but I also can't deny his innate value.

    I will trade him for TWO of my wants. That puts you ahead in my opinion, loose figures are worth $20 bucks, that means I'm trading King He-Man at about half his value!

    If you think I'm nuts by proposing this but you still want to trade and you have my wants, PM me anyway! I'm open to negotiation.

    I'll also pay cash for figures!

    Main Wants
    Loose Figures:
    Beast Man
    Tri Klops
    Scare Glow
    Kobra Kahn
    Goddess (broken and repaired is OK)
    Shadow Weaver (lol right)

    Customs fodder:

    Any bare human bodies. He-Man, Guards, ETC.
    Furry bodies like Stratos (there's a million of them out there apparently)
    Snake Men army builder - incomplete OK
    Extra armor and weapons always interest me!
    200x sword from MAA. I have two of the WP ones, and I don't like them.
    Gygor armor and axe
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